SOCI-405 Law and Society

An introduction to the sociology of law. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to understand the manner in which sociologists study law and empirically analyze relevant dynamics of law and law-related phenomena in a variety of social settings. Successive sections of this course will focus on: classical theoretical contributions to the sociology of law; selected modern approaches to the sociology of law; and an array of empirical themes of law and law-related processes and structures to which the sociological theories will be applied. Empirical topics include, but are not necessarily limited to, law and social structure; law and culture; notions of legality, legitimacy and legal consciousness; the legal profession; law, identity and inequalities; international and human rights law; and the impact of globalization on concepts and practices of law and legal change. Prerequisites: SOCI-101 or ANTH-162 and at least one other 200- or 300-level course in sociology or anthropology. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. 4 SH. CC: Interdisciplinary, Oral Intensive.