Global Opportunities for All!

We believe that studying away and other cross-cultural experiences are so essential to the liberal arts education we offer that we have made it a part of our central curriculum.

Our distinctive award-winning cross-cultural program is called GO (Global Opportunities). It offers students a wide range of off-campus educational programs in both domestic (U.S.) and international locations.

Learning Goals and History

Our Global Opportunities (GO) Program is a central curriculum requirement unique to Susquehanna. Introduced in fall 2009, it grew out of the faculty’s desire to challenge students in their understanding of and engagement with cultural difference.

Students complete a cross-cultural experience that contains preparatory, experiential, and reflective components that enables them to:

  1. Demonstrate a complex understanding of culture including the ability to develop a working definition of culture
    • Articulate awareness of differences and similarities between their culture of origin and the one in which they are immersed.
    • Define and recognize ethnocentrism and ethnocentric assumptions.
    • Demonstrate critical awareness of their own cultural values and identity.
  2. Recognize how their attitudes, behaviors, and choices affect the quality of their cross cultural experiences.
  3. Reflect on their personal growth, social responsibility, and the value of active participation in human society.

GO emphasizes the learning that takes place on campus—before and after the cross—cultural experience. The requirement consists of:

  1. A pre-departure course the semester prior to the cross-cultural experience (1 credit hour)
  2. A cross-cultural experience that takes place off campus;
    • Lasts two weeks minimum
    • Can be for credit or not
    • Can be in the U.S. or abroad
    • Must offer students the opportunity to progress on the cross-cultural learning goals and show evidence of that progress in the reflection class they take on campus.
  3. A reflection course the semester following to the cross-cultural experience (1 credit hour).

The actual credit-bearing requirement is the work on campus, in a pre-departure and a post-experience course.

In 2013 Susquehanna was awarded the Institute for International Education’s highest award for facilitating study abroad opportunities and increasing students’ cultural competency—important for success in today’s global society. The strength of our GO program has also influenced student success in pursuing and achieving prestigious Fulbright Awards.

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