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Think outside the box and design your own GO program to fulfill your cross-cultural requirement!

The GO Your Own Way (GYOW) option allows you to participate in a program other than those offered by theGO Program or design your own experience.

Your program must be at least two weeks long during summer or winter break, and you'll need to be fully immersed in a cultural setting that's different from your own.

Step 1

Research programs or ideas
There are generally two different types of GYOW options: self-designed programs and non-Susquehanna study away, internship or volunteer programs. Students participating in a second GO program also work with the GO Your Own Way program.

A cross-cultural experience can mean traveling to a different country to experience a new culture, but you can also complete a significant immersion program within your own country.

To start looking for programs, consider places that you've always wanted to visit or issues that you're interested in learning more about.

Step 2

Schedule a meeting with an advisor in the GO Program office.
Email to schedule a meeting to discuss ideas for your GYOW program.

Step 3

Submit your proposal
After your meeting, apply to GO. The application includes a series of essay questions that describe your study away plans and how they fulfill the GO requirement.

Proposals for summer must be submitted before Feb. 15. Proposals for winter must be submitted before Sept. 15.

Proposal materials can take 2-4 weeks to be processed and usually involve some revisions. When your materials have been reviewed, you'll receive an email notifying you of your application status. We recommend that you do not make any plans until your proposal is approved.

Non-SU study abroad

The organizations that host our GO Long programs, such as CIEE, Global Semesters and Arcadia, have summer and winter programs that are great options for GYOW. And there are many other good non-SU programs available. Just ask us!

Academic Programs

Going through a non-SU study abroad program is a good choice if you are looking for a structured, immersive program similar to GO Short or a condensed GO Long program, as you can oftentimes earn academic to transfer back to Susquehanna when you complete your program.

Service and Volunteer Programs

A service oriented GYOW program lets you lend a helping hand to communities in need, while fulfilling your GO requirement at the same time. There are many different service organizations that can help you plan your program.


Complete an internship in a cross-cultural setting. Not only do you get experience in the career field of your choice, but interning abroad can open your eyes to new and different aspects of that career. It's a great experience to put on your resume, as employers are continuously looking for applicants who have had cross-cultural experiences.

Self-Designed Program

A self-designed program is one that you build yourself from the ground up. It's a good option if you're comfortable traveling independently and passionate about a particular issue, place or idea that you want to explore through a cross-cultural experience. You can also jumpstart a senior research project or get involved in community-based research.

Looking for some inspiration to help plan your program?

Susquehanna students have traveled near and far in recent years to places like Jamaica, Dakar, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, South Africa, Jordan, Honduras, France, Greece and China.

Leana Carvin '17 volunteered with the organization Friends for Asia teaching English to novice monks in a Buddhist temple. Carvin said the experience "made me feel passionate about continuing my travels around the world."

Caitlyn Cameron '16 traveled to the Republic of Georgia as a member of ROTC on a Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program (CULPP) to attend the Sachkhere Mountain School, a military base located in the South Caucasus Mountains.

Torin McFarland '17 spent a month studying at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands as part of the school's "Doing Business in Europe: Marketing and Market Entry" program. While abroad, McFarland had the opportunity to present innovative business ideas to executives at several European companies. This included the electronics company Philips and the breweries Grolsch and Hooghoudt.

And you don't even need to leave the United States to have a completely cross-cultural experience.

Greg Schell '15 had an interest in organic farming, so he spent six weeks on the Hawaiian island of Kauai working alongside Hawaiians. "People often go to Kauai for spiritual purposes," said Schell. ""My GO trip influenced my future because of the way the philosophy there changed me. Now, I'm more thoughtful about spirituality and the feelings of other people."

Judith Finn '15 traveled to Arizona, along with fellow classmate Jennifer Farina '15, to be immersed in the Navajo culture. "We stayed with a family who welcomed us into their lives and culture," said Finn. "While the father was Navajo and a minister, the mother was not, so they provided a contemporary take on the Navajo family."

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