Join Us July 9–15, 2023 

Think analytically and look beyond the obvious while deepening your understanding of astronomy, physics, math and team-building psychology. 

You’ll work on a variety of practical and interactive activities throughout the week. Building the brain muscle is challenging — working individually and in teams with other like-minded students makes learning fun. 

During this residential experience, you’ll practice and improve your problem-solving skills and meet other students who share your interests. SU faculty from various academic disciplines will introduce you to their areas of expertise, including: 

  • Digital Electronics with Minecraft with Dr. Faust (physics) 
  • Building and Competing with Gauss Electromagnetic Shooters with Drs. Zain and Everly (physics) 
  • Stargazing with Dr. Carter (astronomy and physics) 
  • Building and Battling Bots with Drs. Zain and Everly (physics) 

Students entering grades 10–12 are invited to register. 

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  • Participate in interactive, college-level workshops and group work. 
  • Experience the planetarium, stargazing and telescope-making. 
  • Get creative with digital electronics playing Minecraft.
  • Build your best car robots; accept — and win — the BattleBots challenges.
  • Crack codes, discover clues and solve Escape Room mysteries.

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