Student-Faculty Research Experience

Susquehanna invites students to participate in a dynamic research environment on campus and beyond.

As early as their first year, students can engage in immersive research opportunities, fostering inquisitive minds through hands-on, real-world experience. Our students work with faculty, peers, community partners and independently to ask important questions and seek answers in thoughtful and innovative ways.

Thanks to opportunities made available through university and donor funding, Susquehanna students can work throughout the academic year or spend their summer honing their professional skills and making an impact in a wide array of fields — from marketing to biology.

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Circuit boards and 3D printing

First-Year Opportunities

Susquehanna allows First-Year students the opportunity to participate in research to begin their experiences sooner. 

Summer Research end of summer event.

Share the Impact

At the end of each summer, students gather to share their research results and experiences and celebrate hard work. 

A Formative Experience

“It is a great testing ground for students to discover what they want to do, and sometimes more importantly, what they don’t want to do, after graduation.”

                  — Associate Professor of Chemistry William Dougherty

Summer research program student in a chemistry lab.

2022-23 Summer Research

Read more about the latest Summer Research opportunities at Susquehanna University. 

Catching Rays, Particle Physics Style

Inspired by the author of a master’s thesis presented to MIT, Assistant Professor of Physics Adam Hansell led a summer research project where students constructed a pocket-sized device to detect the presence of cosmic rays — complete with a customized 3D-printed case.

Feeling Panicked? Student Researches Pandemic Stress

Psychology major Katelyn Bucher ’24 researched pandemic stress in relation to community bonds, finding that strong identification with local communities is an important factor in helping people cope with stressful events like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Psychology Majors Study Mental Health in College Students

National headlines reporting the declining mental health of college students highlight the struggles many students are currently facing. Emma Piel ’23 and Andrew Jacques ’23 spent their summer studying emotional socialization in college students

Physics, Psychology Cross Circuits in the Lab

Many experimental psychology studies involving animals make use of expensive equipment designed to produce small electrical stimuli to investigate various responses. In collaboration with the psychology department, two physics students have been building an alternative device using inexpensive open-source processing boards to accomplish the same effect.

Research Seeks To Lower Cost of Industrial Process

Logan Gunoskey ’24 is using his time in the lab to create new organic molecules to determine how these molecules interact with certain metals, research that has implications across various industries.

Career Development Center

Today’s career paths are full of exciting challenges and new opportunities, so you’ll need the skills to last a lifetime of job searches and career shifts.

Image of Conner Garrison '23 at his summer internship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Thanks to our relationships with employers, enthusiastic alumni and academic departments, internship opportunities are plentiful and continuously growing.

Postgraduate Fellowships

Fellowships and scholarships provide outstanding opportunities to expand your horizons, broaden your knowledge and serve as a stepping stone to a successful career or an advanced degree.