Summer Session at Susquehanna means the flexibility you need plus the same high degree of personal attention you expect during the academic year.

With nearly 50 courses online in a variety of areas, we have what you’re looking for — whether you’re already a student here, go somewhere else but are home for the summer or still in high school.

Our professors are committed to connecting with you and are available on Skype and email to answer your questions about their courses.

Pick from two intensive, four-week sessions or a regular seven-week session.

For students still in high school, this is a great way to get a feel for us and get Central Curriculum courses out of the way at a fraction of the price of full-time tuition.

Registration is easy, our credits transfer to many other institutions and you can complete most classes from the comfort of your home or anywhere else in the world!

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More than 50 classes are offered during:

  • Intensive summer session I (May 17 to June 11)
  • Regular summer session (June 14 to July 30)
  • Intensive summer session II (July 5 to July 30)

Susquehanna students, as well as students from other universities and members of the community, are all welcome to enroll in summer classes.

Students who enroll in summer classes will receive an e-statement notification in their Susquehanna University email account regarding their summer fees. Payment is due upon receipt.

The Writing and Thinking course is offered as part of the Regular Session and is only available to Susquehanna students who are in their second year or above. If you are currently a first year (or a non-SU student) and are interested in taking the course, please contact Nick Clark, director of the summer session, at


  • $535 per semester hour - Example: 4 credit course fee $2,140 - 2 credit course fee $1,070
  • Audit: $260 per semester hour - Example: 2 credit audit fee is $520
  • Teacher Intern: $535 per semester hour - Example: 4 credit course fee is $2,140
  • Other Internships: $260 per semester hour - Example: 2 credit course fee $520
  • The housing rates:

    • If working on campus:
      • $85 a week for a Double
      • $110 a week for Single
    • If not working on campus:
      • $200 a week for a Double
      • $225 a week for a Single