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Adetutu Adekoya '11




Presidential Fellow, Sigma Gamma Rho sorority, International Club member, international student mentor

What I’m doing next:

I have a position with New York University’s Medical School as a research assistant in the Center for Healthful Behavior Change.

During my sophomore year, I did research with Dr. Bailey, one of my psychology professors. This experience with Dr. Bailey put me on the path to doing research professionally.

I interned with NYU for two summers, and those opportunities certainly helped me get the job.

But most importantly, I believe the classes that I've taken at Susquehanna, including doing an independent study, were extremely beneficial in my getting the research position. The classes helped me learn the fundamentals of being a part of a research group as well as conducting my own research.

What I’ll miss most about Susquehanna:

I will miss my friends and professors most because I've grown exponentially on both an intellectual and a social level.

On being a Susquehanna alumna:

Being a Susquehanna alumna will mean being connected to an institution that has been incredibly influential in my life. As I become settled in my career, I will give back by giving to others what Susquehanna has given to me—opportunities.

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