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Thank you for applying! You can complete either the Susquehanna First-Year Application or the Common Application—the choice is up to you!

1. Complete the Susquehanna Success Application for First-Year Students or the Common Application.

2. Official High School Transcript
Your high school guidance counselor will be alerted to submit official transcripts through your online application. Your senior grades must be submitted as soon as they are available.

3. School Report, including your Counselor Recommendation 
Be sure to provide your high school guidance counselor's email address so that she/he will be notified to submit your School Report Form once you've submitted your online application.

4. SAT/ACT Scores
Submit your official SAT/ACT scores directly from the testing agency or on your official high school transcript. Or you may choose to apply under our Test Score Optional program.  Susquehanna uses a holistic review process to evaluate applications for admission because students are much more than a set of SAT or ACT scores.  If you apply  test score optional we will place greater emphasis on your  high school transcripts, your application essay and teacher/counselor recommendations.

5. Optional Additional Materials
We are happy to review letters of recommendation from high school teachers. 

Once all of your credentials are received, the Admission Committee will review your application for admission.

6.  Portfolio Submission/Auditions
If you are  interested in studying graphic design,  art or creative writing, the department will contact you  regarding submission of a portfolio.  If you plan to study music as a major or would like to audition for a scholarship, the music faculty will contact you to schedule your audition.

Early Decision (ED)  allows students who know that Susquehanna is their first-choice college to apply before the regular application deadline and to receive their admission decision early. If you choose to apply ED, your application and supporting materials must be received by the deadline.

If you are admitted under our ED plan, we expect you to enroll at Susquehanna and withdraw any regular decision or early-action applications to other schools. We realize that you will most likely be applying to multiple schools, but the expectation is that you will apply ED to only one school.

The application materials required for Early Decision are the same as Early Action and Regular Decision. Please indicate "Early Decision" in the check box provided on the application.

Most applicants choose to submit scores from the SAT or ACT exams, or both! But, some students don't feel that their scores accurately reflect their academic performance or potential for success. 

Because we use a holistic review process, we offer you the opportunity to apply without submitting your scores. If you apply test score optional we will place greater emphasis on your high school transcript, your application essay and teacher/counselor recommendations.

Susquehanna recognizes exceptional high school achievement by awarding class exemptions and/or college credit to those who do well on Advanced Placement (AP) tests offered by the College Board. The appropriate academic department will review your AP score, examination essay and academic record to determine placement and/or credit. In general, departments award credit for scores of 4 or 5.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an internationally recognized, two-year, comprehensive curriculum and is available to students ages 16-19 at a number of secondary schools in the United States, Canada and a number of other countries. 

We recognize the intellectual rigor and high academic standards of the IB program. IB diploma recipients who gain admission may receive up to 32 credit hours and the equivalent of sophomore standing at the university. They may also receive credit for up to two courses in each subject area for which a higher-level examination score of five or more has been achieved, assuming final confirmation by the appropriate university department. Credit for a higher-level examination score of four is awarded at the discretion of the appropriate university department.

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