Alek Washuta

Name: Abbey Carleton
Grad Year: Dec. 2020
Hometown: Tioga, PA
Major: Psychology


Where you went for GO:

My GO trip was cancelled due to COVID-19, so I will be taking a class in the fall semester centered around different cultures.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am the Vice President of Standards for Kappa Delta and have been a resident assistant for three years. 

Describe your experiences with research/internships:

I had the opportunity to create my own research project through the psychology department as a requirement to graduate. I had full freedom in doing what interested me and did everything from making the survey, collecting students to take the survey, analyzing the data, and writing a paper on everything that I did. My advisor was with me every step of the way to answer any questions I may have had and to assist with what my group and I needed.

What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class was Applied Behavioral Analysis because I was taught things that are interesting to me. I also had the opportunity to see a lot of the forms and common childhood psychological disorders that I will be working with in the future. This class is one that I will always remember and be able to reference as it was fun, interesting and pertained to my future.

What is your favorite tradition?

Each year, Susquehanna does orientation weekend where first-year students get to campus earlier than upperclass students so that they can get settled in and acclimated to campus before classes start. This is my favorite tradition because I have been a part of the team that welcomes the incoming class for two years. The new excitement in the air, meeting new people, and having a lot of fun before classes start is one of the many reasons that I love Susquehanna.

What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you?

For me, applying to be a student ambassador was a no-brainer. I love Susquehanna, so what better job to have than one where all I have to do is talk about my love for Susquehanna which is so easy to do. To me, being a student ambassador means that I get to share my school and everything that I love about it with families who are looking to start their journey. Being a student ambassador is something that I take pride in and I treat with the utmost importance.

Fun fact about me:

I have two chinchillas.

What are your plans for life beyond Susquehanna?

After I graduate from Susquehanna in December, I will be returning to my hometown to start graduate school online to obtain my master’s degree in school counseling. During this time, I will be working as a substitute teacher. Once I graduate with my master’s, I will become an elementary school guidance counselor.