Billy McNish

Name: Billy McNish
Grad Year:
Hometown: Exeter Township, Pennsylvania
Major: Business Management

Where you went (are going) for GO: 

United Kingdom, Winter 2020

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus? 

Student Ambassador

Why did you choose Susquehanna University?

The community of SU is always there for one another. The professors care about their students. They know your name and face. You are not a number to them; they want to see you succeed. 

Describe your experiences with research/internships: 

I have an upcoming internship where I have had multiple professors offer to be the faculty sponsor to allow my internship to count for school credit. They want to help me apply what I have learned thus far in my classes to what I will be doing in my internship. 

What is your favorite class and why?

Exploring Opportunities. This class was run so hands on in identifying a problem you feel a connection to and then coming up with a solution that would become a viable business. 

What is your favorite tradition?

Thanksgiving Dinner, it is so much fun having Thanksgiving dinner with my friends before going home to have it with my family. Even better, you have your professors serving you the dinner. 

What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you? 

I want to help prospective students find the school that makes them feel the way I do about Susquehanna. I can't imagine myself at any other school.