Deven Dancy

Name: Deven Dancy
Grad Year: 2022
Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
Major/Minor: Psychology / Philosophy

Where you went (are going) for GO: 

Ghana in the spring of 2021

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on-campus? 

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (SU Connect mentor), First-Year Experience (Perspectives peer mentor)

Why did you choose Susquehanna University?

I chose Susquehanna because from my first visit here I could see that there was an emphasis on the student experience and I would be able to utilize a wide variety of tools to catapult me into the next stage of my life. Also, the smallness of the school appealed to me because it would allow me to establish meaningful connections with people from students to faculty.  

Describe your experiences with research/internships: 

Over the summer following my first year, I participated on a research project with one of my psychology professors. My professor reached out to me for my participation and I ended up presenting the research at Bucknell University. It was a meaningful experience as it allowed me to gather experience in the research realm while building on my presentation skills, especially since I had only just completed my first year of college. In my sophomore year I had also had the opportunity to become a research assistant for another one of my psychology professors. Unfortunately the project got cut short due to the spring semester transferring to remote learning. 

What is your favorite class and why?

I have two, the first one is my Cognitive Psychology Laboratory class because it allows me to get hands-on experience with lab equipment and lab software. Both are essential to do research and research is something I enjoy. It is a very fun course due to the small class size which allows for better interaction between the students and the professor.

My second one is a philosophy course called Moral Psychology. This is the first time this course is being taught, and I enjoy it because it mixes ideas in psychology with some philosophy as well. It is very much interdisciplinary and I believe approaching things from different angles is a good strategy to solve problems. I also like the course because it is a discussion-based course where we get to hear each other’s thought processes. It is very easy to make a friend in that course due to the nature of it. I have already made quite a few in that course.

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite tradition is the Spring Carnival. I enjoy going on the rides and eating all of the carnival food. I even enjoy playing all the games even though I rarely win anything. It is a time to relax and enjoy the spring weather while hanging out with friends.

What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you? 

Being a Student Ambassador means that I can share my experiences with other prospective students and families. Everybody is so unique in their own ways and being a Student Ambassador is a way for me to share my uniqueness. I know I made one of the best decisions in my life by coming here and I want to share that with people. Susquehanna has allowed me to reinvent and improve upon myself and it gives me a great feeling and I want other people to experience this feeling, so becoming a Student Ambassador was a no-brainer