Grade Delaney

Name: Grace Delaney
Grad Year:
Hometown: Newark, Delaware
Major: Early Childhood Education

Where are you going for GO: 

Chester England or Greece (hopefully!!)

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus? 

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and Study Buddy 

Why did you choose Susquehanna University?

I chose SU because it just felt like home when I toured. Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful and really positive about their own experiences. I could 100% picture myself spending the next four years at Susquehanna.  

Describe your experiences with research/internships:

In the Education Departments, all students are required to do an externship, where we spend 40 hours in a school/classroom of our choosing (I chose to go back to where I went to elementary school). There I helped design and lead my own lessons and learned the inner workings of a school. It really cemented my love for education and confirmed that I really want to be a teacher after college.

What is your favorite class and why?

So far, my favorite class has been Math Methods: Preschool because it is my first ever methods class for education, and I have really enjoyed learning about how to teach math to young students using varying techniques. 

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite tradition is Night Before Finals because it is such a great night among some really stressful nights. I love dressing up in my pajamas with my best friends and drinking hot chocolate and just unwinding before finals. 

What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you?

Being a Student Ambassador has pushed me out of my comfort zone by allowing me to work with prospective students and their families who I had never met before. It also has given me a deeper look into Susquehanna and confirms that I made the right decision in coming here.