Samuel Emmanuel

Name: Samuel Emmanuel
Grad Year: 2021
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria / Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania / Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Major: French Studies (BA) + Communication Arts: Personal and Organizational Communication (BA) | Theatre (Minor)

Where you went (are going) for GO:

GO Long: Dakar, Senegal (CIEE Language and Culture Program Spring 2020)

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus?

Lamentations Gospel Choir, WQSU-88.9 Radio Station, Student Government Association, American Sign Language Club, PIER-Professional Internship and Employment Readiness (for students of color), InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Orientation Team

Why did you choose Susquehanna University?

As a first-generation student, the college search process was a difficult and stressful journey. I was uncertain of my major and what the future would hold. My sister and I were looking for small colleges with our vast areas of interest as well as study abroad opportunities. Susquehanna checked a lot of those boxes but what sealed the deal was the sense of peace and belonging I felt once I arrived on campus for an Admitted Students Day event. I could honestly see myself at SU and later found myself using Susquehanna as the standard for my other options. That’s when I knew SU was right for me.

The facilities, study abroad programs, academic programs, extracurricular activities … These all played a role in why I chose SU, but the wonderful, genuine people that I have met here who have impacted me in ways I never imagined are the reasons I am still here and call SU home.

Describe your experiences with research/internships:

In the fall semester of my sophomore year, I had a for-credit internship with the non-profit organization, Deaf Open World and served as the Social Media/Digital Storytelling Intern. DOW, founded by Susquehanna and Peace Corps Alumna Pamela Keilig, is a non-profit organization seeking to provide better educational opportunities for deaf youth in Eswatini. This internship was made possible due to the connection I made with the Career Development Center here at SU.

This semester, I am studying abroad in Senegal and I have a for-credit internship with the non-profit organization, Video Positive in Dakar. Video Positive is an organization that uses videos and multimedia platforms to support vulnerable populations by granting them free access to practical knowledge (in different languages) to help make choices that positively impact their lives and well-being.

What is your favorite class and why?

One of my favorite classes at SU was an elective course I took with Dr. Linda Burkley, Crisis Management. It was really engaging and enlightening. I learned so much about the subject matter and found ways to apply it to everyday life. I would definitely recommend this class for everyone regardless of their major.

What is your favorite tradition?

One of my favorite SU traditions is the Candlelight Service in Weber Chapel. I am a part of the American Sign Language club and we sign songs at the Candlelight Service every year. It is so beautiful seeing members of the Susquehanna and Selinsgrove communities light candles and sing Silent Night as we sign along. I have been signing at Candlelight since my first year, but this past service was my favorite. In addition to signing a Nigerian Christmas song with my sister, the Lamentations Gospel Choir sang for the congregation for the first time at a Candlelight Service.

What does being a Student Ambassador mean to you?

Working in Admission as a Student Ambassador for the past few years has been a highlight of my college experience. I truly love my school and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others. In a way, it serves as a platform for me to give back to an institution that shaped me over the years. I have found a family here and enjoy engaging with families and playing a role (no matter how small it may seem) in guiding students to make the best choice for their higher education.