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Considering a Four-Year College? Do's for 10th Graders

  • Do take biology. Already taken biology? Move on to chemistry.
  • Do take geometry (and/or more algebra if it’s offered). Already beyond these courses? Your accelerated pace will be of interest to the most selective colleges.
  • Do continue with a foreign language.
  • Do continue to polish your writing skills. Solid written communication skills are important in any career.
  • Do consider taking the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) to learn how to prepare for the SAT.
  • Do begin talking with your parents about college, but don’t decide on or rule out any at this point.
  • Do visit a variety of local colleges to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere.
  • Do participate in a variety of activities to develop leadership skills.
  • Do talk about colleges with people you respect. Teachers, counselors or your coaches can provide valuable insight.
  • Do go to college fairs and college night programs.

Emily Stankaitis

Emily Stankaitis '13

Emily Stankaitis '13

psychology, lacrosse, sports, Susquehanna
Honeoye Falls, NY

Senior psychology major Emily Stankaitis talks about her experiences on the SU women's lacrosse team and advises fellow students to “just go for it.”

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