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Considering a Four-Year College? Do's for 12th Graders

  • Do take physics or an AP science course.
  • Do take a challenging mathematics course. Selective colleges favor students with four or more years of mathematics.
  • Do consider another year of foreign language. Language proficiency can be a real asset in college and beyond.
  • Do more than complete your high school’s minimum course requirements to graduate, by taking at least four academic courses.
  • Do write an application essay that describes you, not what you think an admissions counselor wants to read. Selective colleges seek diverse and interesting people.
  • Do adhere to application deadlines. Many colleges will not accept late applications.
  • Do keep an open mind and try not to rule out a college based on cost. Colleges have financial aid available for talented and deserving students who demonstrate a real need. Many offer merit scholarships for outstanding academic achievements or other accomplishments.
  • Do continue to enjoy your school activities, but you don't need to join every club under the sun. Colleges look for a continued and genuine interest in activities and evidence of leadership.

Naomi Niskala, D.M.A.

Naomi Niskala, D.M.A.

Naomi Niskala, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor

This dedicated faculty member uses her love of music and performance to inspire her students.

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