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Andrew ChampionAndrew Champion '13

Middleburg, Pa.
Major: Political Science

Job: Blough-Weis Library, Student Manager - Supervising library student workers and working at the Reference Desk.

What are the benefits of having a job on campus? I feel that the benefit of possessing an on-campus job is that a student is able to gain real work experience while conforming their work schedules around their class schedules. On-campus jobs also create a point of reference for future employment resumes or applications for future education opportunities.

Why did you decide to work while studying at SU? I wanted to work while studying, to provide a source of income while at school without relying upon an allowance from my family. While also gaining work experience, and creating a reference for future employment or educational opportunities.

How did you find a job on campus? Through the Teen Advisory Board, I had previous experience volunteering at the Snyder County Public Libraries, I applied to the Blough-Weis Library through the Financial Aid Office.



David HaklarDavid Haklar '11

Hometown: Coopersburg, Pa. 
Major: Ecology

Job: Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Ecology - Helps setup and run laboratories and assists students

What are the benefits of having a job on campus? I feel that having a job on campus prepares students for life after graduation by allowing them to balance their class work with the numerous responsibilities of their job. The time management skills and connections you make while having a job on campus will prove very valuable in the future.

Why did you decide to work while studying at SU? I wanted to be able to gain work experience while immersed in a science setting. By finding a job that allowed me to showcase my ecology skills and help teach a laboratory, I feel that I am now more prepared for the professional world after graduation.

How did you find a job on campus? I actually did not find the job, instead the job found me. I was very lucky because I was recommended for the TA position by other members within the biology department. So it shows that if you work hard and are well taught within your major, you may be rewarded with job opportunities on campus.



Taylor MorrowTaylor Morrow '13

Hometown: West Chester, Pa. 
Major: Accounting

Job: Student Assistant - Assists with planning events for the entrepreneurship program within the Sigmund Weis School of Business and performs other tasks needed by the professor.

What are the benefits of having a job on campus? It is a great way to build your resume, while putting in only the amount of time you want to. It also gets you involved on campus, or at least keeps you informed of activities occurring in the department you work in.

Why did you decide to work while studying at SU? I wanted to work on campus not only to earn some extra money, but to add to my resume as well. And this has turned out to be an even greater opportunity than I could have imagined! This job has allowed me to increase my communication skills through writing press releases and news ads, making flyers, and contacting organizations and people involved in the events. This position has also added to my planning skills by making me think ahead, sometimes by months. This job has given me valuable qualities that will serve me very well in the future.

How did you find a job on campus? I was assigned work study, and I got a packet in my mailbox explaining the processes of finding a job. The packet had Dr. Leann Mischel's name listed as a person to contact about a job. I inquired about an interview, came in to talk to her and shortly after I was hired! 


Fiona WilkesFiona Wilkes ’11

Hometown: Gerrardstown, W.V. 
Major: Business Administration - Marketing and Human Resource Management 

Jobs: Office of the VP for Finance: Administrative Coordinator of Selinsgrove Projects and Accounting Assistant - Coordinates projects for downtown Selinsgrove, namely the Market Street Festival, and assists with the Hertz Connect Program

What are the benefits of having a job on campus? Having a job on campus has provided me with many benefits—both financial and personal. The extra money earned from my job helps to cover expenses while at school. Additionally, I have gotten the opportunity to get to know and work with a great deal of administrators on campus as well as borough officials.

Why did you decide to work while studying at SU? I received a work study award and I felt that it would be good to work on campus to cover the costs of books and incidentals. I also believed that I would be able to develop a strong work ethic by balancing work and school.

How did you find a job on campus? At the beginning of my freshman year I was informed that I had received work study and was able to fill out a form regarding my interests in places to work on campus. A few days later I received an e-mail from the Office of the VP for Finance asking me to come in for an interview.

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