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Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Receipt of Financial Aid Funding

Susquehanna student financial aid recipients must meet minimum academic standards in order to continue to receive financial aid in future terms. Effective with the Fall 2011 semester, SU students must meet or exceed the requirements summarized below:

  • Must earn grades of D- or better in 67 percent of their attempted coursework. This is a cumulative requirement. (Course withdrawals are included in this calculation.)
  • Must achieve a cumulative minimum gpa as noted in the following chart: 
Credits attempted Minimum GPA
1-22 1.5
23-44 1.6
45-66 1.7
67-88 1.8
89-110 1.9
110+ 2.0
  • Federal financial aid eligibility ceases when the student enrolls in the 195th attempted credit.

Susquehanna University funded aid (scholarships and grants) is limited to a maximum of eight semesters for any individual student. Most state grants also limit their awards to eight semesters.  

The full set of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards is detailed here.

SAP Appeal Form

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