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How to Apply: Home Schooled Students

If you are a home schooled student, we welcome your application. We encourage home schooled applicants to provide alternative documentation of academic and other achievements. The Office of Admissions reviews each application individually and on its own merits, while striving to create a diverse and lively incoming class. We recognize that a home schooler will bring a different perspective than that of traditionally-educated students.

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Requirements and guidelines for home schoolers:

  • If you work with a home schooling association, have their transcript of your grades sent to Susquehanna University.
  • Make sure we receive official transcripts from all high schools, online programs, or colleges which you have attended.
  • Your home school supervisor or teacher should complete and submit the Common Application's Home School Supplement.
  • Ask the testing companies to provide your SAT-1 or ACT score reports.
  • While home schoolers may not use our Write Option alternative to standardized testing, they are encouraged to submit copies of graded research papers or other assignments.
  • We do not require applicants to take SAT-2 or AP tests, but will use test results as aids in course placement for new students.
  • The two letters of recommendation should come from non-relatives who have taught you, supervised you in a job or internship, or otherwise know you well enough to comment on your academic preparation and readiness.
  • We highly recommend visiting campus for an admissions interview, and bringing a portfolio highlighting your academic and extra-curricular accomplishments.

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