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Evaluating Your Award

Questions to Consider

Here is a short list of the kinds of questions you might want to ask when considering an aid package.

  • Should I expect the package to stay the same for each of my four years of enrollment? If not, how might it change?
  • Is the loan amount reasonable, considering the eventual monthly repayment amount? (Reference this sample loan repayment schedule).
  • Can I earn the full work–study award through an on–campus job?
  • How many hours per week will I work?
  • What kinds of jobs are available? How will I be paid? Current students can obtain detailed information about student employment from the Student Employment Handbook on mySU.
  • How much is left over for my family to pay?

Comparing Aid Packages

There are all sorts of things to look at when choosing a college; the financial part is only one set of considerations. But it's important for you to make an accurate comparison. We encourage you to download the Comparing Financial Aid Awards Worksheet. We hope this tool will help you evaluate your options.

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