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Lender Code of Conduct

Susquehanna University bases its selection of preferred loan lenders solely on the best interests of its students and their parents.

Though the university makes every effort to ensure that lenders on our list provide the least expensive loans and best service possible, students and parents have the right and ability to select the lender of their choice, regardless of our preferred lender list.

The university does not accept anything of value from any lending institution in exchange for any advantage sought by the lending institution. In addition, no lender may bargain to become a preferred lender with respect to a certain type of loan by providing benefits to the university.

Susquehanna’s Office of Financial Aid staff do not take anything of more than nominal value from any lending institution.  Financial aid staff do not receive anything of value for serving on an advisory board of any lending institution.

The university excludes from its lender list any lender that has an agreement to sell its loans to another lender and does not disclose this fact.

Susquehanna requires lenders to identify themselves to students and parents as representatives of their companies. Susquehanna does not allow any employee of a lender to work in or provide staffing assistance to the Office of Financial Aid.

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