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Advice to Parents & Families

Retire debt whenever you can.

The steps of Selinsgrove HallAvoid assuming new debt if possible, or keep it to a minimum. For example, it is not true that it helps you look "needier" if you owe a big mortgage. Other kinds of debt don't enter into the financial aid equation and will only hinder your ability to meet the costs.

Plan ahead. 

Make sure that you understand the school's charges, how the bills are to be paid, how the financial aid affects the bill and how your family will cover your share. You may want to look into alternatives, like long-term low-interest loans, or monthly payment plans.

Does your student "need" a car on campus? 

If your son or daughter owns a car, or plans to buy one, you should consider the drain on family finances of those associated expenses. The financial aid process does not allow for these expenses.

Ask questions.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We want to make this process as easy to understand as possible. We welcome your inquiries. Please call the Office of Financial Aid at 570-372-4450.

College costs

Concerned About Paying for College?

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Brian Zuidervleit '14

Brian Zuidervliet '14

Brian Zuidervliet '14

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