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One way we “spread the word” is through our bimonthly alumni e-newsletters. The newsletter is sent to all alumni for whom we have a valid email address. Not sure if we have your latest contact information? Call us at 570-372-4118, email alumni@susqu.edu, or fill out a change of address form online today.

November 2018

It’s Not You, It’s Us

If your web surfing has taken you to the alumni web pages recently, it’s not just your imagination, we have a new look! Haven’t visited us online recently? Check out www.sualum.com to see what we’ve done with the place.

Homecoming 2018: The ’Grove Goes Gotham … A Huge Success!

We sincerely hope you were one of the more than 1,300 alumni able to come to campus for Homecoming! If not, you missed a great time … good weather, good food, and most importantly, good friends. Check out the photographic proof.

Save the date for Homecoming 2019 on Oct. 25–27.

Legacy Families Honored

President Green and his wife, Ms. Lynn Buck, hosted a reception at Pine Lawn for legacy families—those with multiple generations of Susquehannans—during Family Weekend last month. It was a meaningful reunion where families gathered with students to enjoy their families’ stories and remembrances of their Susquehanna education. On behalf of the university, President Green expressed his gratitude for the generational histories that they and other legacy families have created at SU.

Break Through 2019 Is on the Horizon

Let’s face it ... Feb. 14–16, 2019, will be here in a flash. Many thanks to our alumni volunteers who’ve reached out to us offering to participate. Truly, this event would not be successful without you. Please know that even if you are not asked to come to campus this year, we will make note of your interest for future years. Due to time and space limitations, we simply cannot accommodate all of our alumni who wish to participate.

Also, please stay tuned for some changes and additions to the weekend’s schedule.

Thank You, Big Apple Alumni!

Once again, we were honored to take nearly 80 current students to New York City on Thursday, Nov. 1, for a day of job shadowing and networking with alumni. Our sincerest thanks go out to our alumni job-site hosts: JPMorgan Chase: Teague Emery ’13, Brett Moyer '13, Nicole Farparan’12, Jessica Takats ‘14, Afi Ahama '16, Brandon Jackson '16, Christopher Minghenelli '14, and Jameson Troutman '02; Goldman Sachs: Brian Spellman '90 and Kevin Barkow '05; Horizon Media: Christine DiFucci '13, Melanie McLaughlin '14, and Robert Stearns '16; Showtime Network: Jason Mammen '00; SapientRazorfish: Lauralee Bent '14 and Amy Junger '86; Seneca Insurance Company: John W. Rendina '86; PHD Media: Jamilee Morgan '10; Bloomberg: Todd Sibilla '20, Patrick Brown '15 and Catherine Malatack '16; Google: Hadley Elsenbaumer ’12; and Marsh International Client Services: Stacie Kornman ’05. See the full story here.

Due Nov. 30!

No, it’s not a presentation or a paper. What’s due? Your first-ever gift to SU! Hopefully by now you’ve heard that there’s a month-long new donor challenge happening. Two alumni have stepped forward offering gifts totaling $5,000 to Susquehanna IF 100 new alumni donors step forward in November. Haven’t made your gift yet? The clock is ticking! Go here before time runs out.

These Student Programs Need You!

We’re crowdfunding for four worthy campus causes, and all that’s missing is your support. Make your gift today for the Association for Women in Sports Media, Biology Live Collections, Enactus or the International Collegiate Programming Contest.

More Kudos for SU's SUstainability

Susquehanna University is one of the nation's 399 most environmentally responsible colleges, according to The Princeton Review, in its just-published guide to green colleges. From students getting involved in our campus garden and Beekeeping Club, to President Green ceremonially flipping the switch on our solar array last month, our commitment to environmental stewardship is stronger than ever and continues to grow.

Another example: SU was just featured on WNEP-TV (ABC affiliate) for our progress in eliminating plastic straws from campus eateries. See the video story and our website story here.

Alumni Spotlight: Linda Kline ’72 Bugden

What one thing did you learn at SU that set you up for success, personally or professionally, whether in the classroom, in sports, dorm life, campus activities, etc.?
My career in the nonprofit world was the direct result of a sorority friendship. A few years after graduation, I reconnected with a sister through our area sorority alumnae group. We worked together on both sorority and Susquehanna alumni activities. While I was a stay-at-home mom with a toddler, she proposed me to membership in the Junior League. There I received extensive nonprofit training that led me to a position at the community foundation. After more than 10 years, I left the foundation to join the staff of a local organization where I was a charter volunteer, a former board member and officer. It also happens to be a part of my sorority's national philanthropic project.

How does/did your Susquehanna experience set you apart from your peers educated at other institutions?
As a small liberal arts college, Susquehanna offered a nurturing environment, both in the classroom and across campus, that I do not believe my peers at much larger schools received.

If you could be a Susquehanna student again for a day, what is one thing you would do/try that's out of your comfort zone?
The GO Program did not exist when I was a student. But if it had, I hope that I would have taken advantage of going abroad for a semester, even though that would have been out of my comfort zone.

September 2018

The Countdown Is On!

Now that pumpkin-flavored everything is back for fall, that means the next big thing to be excited for is Homecoming–Reunion Weekend 2018: The ‘Grove Goes Gotham! This SUper weekend honors you, Susquehanna’s very own Superheroes. There’s something for everyone Oct. 5–7, so go here to see a complete list of fun and who’s coming. Even if it’s not your reunion year, we still hope to see you!

Welcoming the Class of 2022

We’re proud to report that 21 students are legacies, having a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who is a graduate of SU!

To celebrate the ongoing commitment these families have made to the university, a Legacy Lunch, hosted jointly by the offices of Admission, Alumni Relations and Annual Fund was held on Move-In Day last month in the Admission House. There were 60 who attended including alumni volunteers who helped with Move-In Day. They included Trey Bailey ’15, Stacy Koppenhaver ’92, Lowell Leitzel ’76 and Heather Rowe ’86.

THANK YOU to the 185 alumni who wrote welcome notes to incoming students. What a lovely Susquehanna tradition that we’re able to keep going due to your generosity!

Bragging Rights

It’s no surprise to any of us how valuable a Susquehanna education is, but it’s gratifying to be recognized by numerous guidebooks and college search experts. They include Money Magazine’s “Best Colleges” guide to schools that offer “a great education at an affordable price that help students launch promising careers”; Washington Monthly, which places SU among the nation’s Top 40 liberal arts colleges; The Princeton Review's “The Best 384 Colleges” where SU is listed #16 of the Top 20 Most Popular Study Abroad Programs in the nation.

In addition, Susquehanna is named among the Top 35 Colleges in PA whose graduates have the highest median earnings 10 years after enrollment. See the story here. For our sustainability efforts, the Sierra Club lists us as one of their “cool schools” and SU became the first campus in PA to become an affiliate of Bee Campus USA!

Fall Brings Alumni-Student Networking Opportunities

If you live in or are planning to be near Philadelphia on Wednesday, Sept. 26 or New York City on Thursday, Nov. 1, we’d love to have you join students at an evening networking reception. Students will be in town for a day of job shadowing and networking, and the receptions that cap off the day are really a lot of fun! Keep an eye on your inbox for details.

Alumni Mini Profile: Dawne Fritz ’86 Veet

What one thing did you learn at SU that set you up for success, personally or professionally, whether in the classroom, in sports, dorm life or campus activities?

Resiliency—college was a time of flux, education and learning about myself. So much changed when I moved away from home, and continued to change all four years—a new place to live every year, new classes, new professors or coaches. But I learned that a positive outlook and resiliency could help you adapt to most changes.

Is there a professor or particularly memorable class that stands out as having influenced your career decisions?

I remember Murray Hunt’s Ethics and Morals class. It was the biggest class size that I had at SU. I think there were 25 of us from all four class years, too. He would read an article or position paper on some hot-button topic, and we had to physically get into a line—a spectrum from “for” to “against,” and be able to state our case as to why we were in that spot on the line. Talk about finding what’s important to you and influencing your life decisions, and so ultimately your career decisions!

How does/did your Susquehanna experience set you apart from your peers educated at other institutions?

This was before the GO Program. I was at SU when the Project [House] System was in place. We were required to spend time every week with the volunteer project we designated. Volunteering in a college-based program back then was unheard of, but something that was in every interview I had for the first couple of years after graduation. And, honestly, something I look for on résumés now when I’m doing the interviews.

If you could be a Susquehanna student again for a day, what is one thing you would do that's out of your comfort zone?

I would do more in the music program—lessons, music theory or choir. Now, I’m a certified barbershop harmony director, but would probably have done more with music sooner.

July 2018

The ’Grove Goes Gotham

Make your plans today to attend Homecoming-Reunion Weekend 2018: SUper Heroes!

Smith Lawn will once again be the site for all-day food, live music and revelry. Sample some of Rusty Rail Brewing Co.’s offerings while catching up with friends in the living room areas under the tent, or feel like a kid again and hop into the bouncy house.

Class years ending in 3 and 8 will celebrate with individual reunion festivities; various athletic match-ups will be contested throughout the day; and as always, we invite you to become a Champion to gain access to the VIP tent during the football game.

Keep an eye out for the official brochure outlining many more events, and check out www.susqu.edu/homecoming for updated information and to see who’s coming!

Back to School, Anyone?

Your television may be flooded with back-to-school ads for backpacks and clothing, but we have an entirely different back-to-school offer for you! Starting this October, Professor of Biology Peggy Peeler will host an online alumni mini-course.

The Biology and Ethics of Stem Cells will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. the first four Tuesdays during the month of October. Online access to recordings of each lecture and the discussions that follow will be made available the next morning.

In addition to lecture and discussion of readings, the class will include interviews with SU alumni who are conducting research in the area of stem cell biology.

The cost is $150 with assessment and certification opportunities available at the end of the course. Secure your spot today! Registration closes Sept. 25.

Help Wanted

Attention all Philadelphia and New York City-area alumni: student networking trips will once again be coming your way during the 2018–19 school year, and we’re in need of job site hosts. Interested? Contact Devin Rhoads at rhoadsd@susqu.edu to get the ball rolling.

Our Grads Among Top Earners Statewide

Your alma mater was named among the top 35 colleges in the state whose graduates have the highest median annual earnings 10 years after enrollment. The list was published recently by the Harrisburg Patriot News using data from the College Scorecard, a U.S. Department of Education website.

Susquehanna was ranked No. 25 on the list, with graduates earning a median income of $52,500 annually 10 years after beginning their college career. Graduates from Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh earn less—$48,500 and $50,700 respectively. In addition to earnings, the average net cost for a student to attend Susquehanna per year is $25,506—$3,720 less than the average cost to attend Penn State, which is $29,226.

Save the Date!

Keep Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019 clear … for Break Through! Stay tuned for ways in which you can impact current students’ career paths. This popular event is only made possible due to the generosity and enthusiasm of alumni like you.

Thank You, Philadelphia Alumni!

Once again, a group of alumni stepped forward to offer their time and talents to help a group of current students.

Twelve current Susquehannans had the opportunity to job-shadow eight alumni for a week in May. Our sincere thanks to: Jeffrey Cooper ’94, Dan Ditzler ’77, Elizabeth Fulton ’11 Glaston, Lindajoy Golding ’03 Harris, Peter McCall ’11, Amy Murphy ’85 Nolen, Caitlin Newman ’09 Thistle, Nora Olsewski ’11, Jennifer Rojek ’98 Barton and Ken Selinger ’68 for making this very successful hands-on experience a valuable opportunity for students.

A Stroll Down Kurtz (Memory) Lane

It’s hard to believe summer is almost halfway over! Where did you wear the Orange and Maroon this summer? Cape Cod? The Jersey Shore? Key West? On a cruise? Send us a selfie!

Alumni Mini Profile: Aaron Bilger ’91

What one thing did you learn at SU that set you up for success, personally or professionally, whether in the classroom, in sports, dorm life or campus activities?

Learning the value of community—campus community, local community, national community and our global community. This learning wasn’t from one specific class or from one particular person on campus, but from my experience throughout four years of being immersed in a university that embraced me, opened my eyes to new ways of thinking, challenged me and provided me with an opportunity to grow.

Is there a professor or particularly memorable class that stands out, as having influenced your career decisions?

It was my work-study job that guided me to my career path in public relations. Having a chance to work a few hours a day each week in University Relations showed me the depth and breadth of how my communications interests could be applied to a career path that was personally rewarding and offered real value to an organization.

How does/did your Susquehanna experience set you apart from your peers educated at other institutions?

My Susquehanna experience was different from that of friends at other schools because people cared about me. Faculty and staff took interest in me. They served as mentors to me, challenged me to reach high and encouraged me to dream big.

If you could be a Susquehanna student again for a day, what is one thing you would do/try that's out of your comfort zone?

If I could turn back time to be a student again, the one thing that I would do—amidst all of the activities I did when I was at Susquehanna—is join the crew team.

Important Dates

May 2018

Celebrating Service!

Thank you to all who participated in SU SERVE during April! From individual alumni doing volunteer work in their communities, to participants in regional chapter service events, to faculty, staff and students making a difference in Selinsgrove and surrounding communities, we have already garnered more than 67,000 hours toward our goal of 125,000 hours.

Even though April has ended, there’s still time to participate. Submit your hours year-round by visiting www.susqu.edu/service.

A big shout-out to these alumni who have each pledged more than 800 hours of service this year: Joan Haefle ’62, Jennifer Hamme ’67, Michael Kling ’80, Marsha Lehman ’74 and Susan Stanford ’77!

Sharing Leadership Advice

More than 25 students traveled to Philadelphia for the Women’s Leadership Symposium this spring. We so appreciate the following alumnae who shared valuable advice about their careers and how to succeed in the workplace:

Annie Albert ’14, Jenn Rojek ’98 Barton, Danielle Boutwell ’16, Lisa Ryan ’78 Burke, Alison Caulfield ’16, Aileen Carlson ’06 Dreibelbis, Nicole Elliott ’11, Marlena Ford ’17, Samantha Harclerode ’11, Jamie Malachowski ’09 Hindman, Sarah Kornhaber ’93, Janice Trojan ’76 Lessman, Virginia Lloyd ’81, Shelby McGuigan ’17, Trisha Noel ’06 Noll, Nora Olsewski ’11, Manouchka Paulemont ’16, Anne Marie D'Andrea’02 Peterson, Kristen Rice ’16, Valerie Stearns ’16 and Kim Stenman ’07

Get Your Pens Ready!

In about three months, the Class of 2022 will arrive on campus! We are excited and proud to continue the tradition of providing each incoming new student a handwritten note from an alumna/alumnus.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact Susan Kreisher by June 30. Blank cards and a sample note will be sent to you in July, and we’ll need your finished masterpieces by mid-August.

Fun fact: This tradition is in its sixth year! The Class of 2017 was the first to benefit from this warm gesture; 77 alumni wrote welcome notes to them. Last year, 191 alumni wrote notes to the Class of 2021!

Orange + Maroon = O & M Day!

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped make Susquehanna’s annual day of school spirit, May 1, a big success! We loved your photos and we hope you had fun with your creativity that day. Congratulations to Orange & Maroon Day grand prize winner Deanna Bruce, who will be joining our Class of 2022! Runner ups were: Madeline Albert ‘18, Sarah Sandberg ‘19, Tiffany Guth ‘21, Lauren Van Derzee ‘12, Tom Carter ‘12, Elodie Hardt from our School of Arts and Sciences, and parent John Korinko!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

On May 16, 467 students received their diplomas from Susquehanna University. After each graduate walked across the stage, Robert Ries and Emily Stankaitis presented them with a Susquehanna Tradition pin on behalf of the Alumni Association. Bobby and Emily are the outstanding seniors from the Class of 2013.

This year’s outstanding senior awards, given to those who most typify the ideals of Susquehanna, were given to Sarah Derrick, Michael Sharer and Dylan Smith. Honorees must be in strong academic standing, demonstrate leadership qualities, and be involved in a broad range of campus and/or extracurricular activities. See a list of past recipients here.

SU Offers Master of Education Degree

We are excited to announce that Susquehanna will offer a master’s program in education (M.Ed.) this fall. It will feature a hybrid teaching format that combines online coursework and some face-to-face class meetings. Students are paired with Susquehanna faculty members in classes that focus on curriculum design, research methods, critical media literacy and inclusive classroom strategies. To assist teachers financially, the university will accept a promissory letter from a teacher's district of employment to directly compensate the university for tuition. Apply here.

Keith Costello ’73| Alumni Spotlight

The concept of serving others was ingrained in Keith Costello ’73 long ago by his parents, friends and Susquehanna University. In Lancaster, Pa., his father assisted at their church and with youth sports, and his mother led a Brownie troop even though she had no daughters in the program. At Susquehanna, Costello spent several hours a week bonding with mentally challenged residents of the Selinsgrove State School and Hospital (now the Selinsgrove Center). “It was just the feeling of helping someone out, and realizing that all you had to do to make them feel better was to give them some of your time,” says the psychology major.

Since then, his three terms on the Alumni Association’s board of directors included two terms as president. The former free safety, who supports the university’s Football Alumni Association, also met his wife, Louise Hower ’72, at Susquehanna. Their two children, Sarah ’00 and Mark ’04, and one of his sisters, Karen Costello ’83, are also Susquehannans, and a nephew and niece currently attend.

“I’ve tried to give back to Susquehanna because it’s given so much to me and my family—great friends, a sense of family and a great education,” Costello says.

Among his SU influences was his father’s best friend, the late Robert Pittello, an assistant football coach at Susquehanna for five decades. Referring to the man he calls “my Italian uncle,” Costello says, “What I’ve done for Susquehanna pales in comparison to the 50 years he devoted to the university.”

Costello, who retired in 2012 after a 40-year career with The Hershey Company, also served his long-time community of Palmyra, Pa., in multiple capacities, including twice as borough council president. As alumni association president, Costello, who now lives in Havre de Grace, Md., emceed several SU alumni award ceremonies. “I thought that the recipients really exemplified the best that Susquehanna has to offer, and to be included in that group is humbling.”

Save the Dates

Susquehanna’s ever-popular networking trips will return for the 2018–19 academic year. Students will head to Philadelphia on Wednesday, Sept. 26 and New York City on Thursday, Nov. 1. If you are interested in hosting students on one of these trips, please contact Devin Rhoads.

A Walk Down Kurtz Lane (aka Memory Lane)

What was your favorite memory of Commencement Day? Tell us at alumni@susqu.edu.

March 2018

Quite a Day

The final results are in—and a grand total of 2,246 donors and $175,958 later, all we can say is: WOW!

A huge thank you to everyONE who came out in force to show their Susquehanna love on the One SU Day of Giving March 1. We more than doubled our goal of 1,000 donors in 24 hours, in large part to the more than 900 alumni who donated to the campaign. Check it out!

Welcome, Melissa!

Melissa Komora

Melissa Komora has been named the new vice president for advancement, following Ron Cohen’s departure in December. She was most recently vice president of institutional advancement at The Sage Colleges in Troy and Albany, N.Y.

Before joining Sage in 2008 as director of planned giving and later associate vice president of development, Melissa was the executive director of Benedictine Health Foundation in Kingston, N.Y. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne University in St. Louis and an MBA from The Sage Colleges School of Management. She is a certified fundraising executive and a chartered advisor in philanthropy.

Please join us in welcoming Melissa and her husband, Ron, to Susquehanna.

Thank you!

Susquehanna students certainly felt the love from our alumni the weekend after Valentine’s Day. We were honored to welcome 124 alumni back to campus to participate in Break Through 2018. A little afternoon snow didn’t deter more than 300 students from joining alumni for a career expo, 33 panel discussions, a keynote address, speed networking, small group lunches, alumni career coaching and a networking reception. Check out our special news coverage of the conference here.

And speaking of Thank Yous...

More than 500 alumni received hand-written notes from students, thanking them for their contribution to Susquehanna during the past year. Whether alumni contributed time, money or talent, students know they have plenty of reasons to be thankful on TAG Day (Thank-A-Grad), Feb. 22, and throughout the year.

TAG Day marks the approximate date each year when tuition dollars run out and gifts from supporters kick in to cover expenses through the remainder of the year.

April Showers Bring SU SERVE Hours

SU SERVE 2018 is gearing up for its official launch on April 1! Service events for our alumni chapters are well into the planning stages, so look for an event near you and plan to join us! As always, we also want to know about the volunteer work you do all year long, whether it’s for your church, your kids’ sports teams or a local nonprofit that’s near and dear to your heart. As long as you’re not getting paid, it counts! Help us reach our goal of 125,000 hours for the year. Submit your hours here using our easy online submission form.

Take a Walk Down Kurtz Lane (aka Memory Lane)

It’s spring break on campus. Where was your favorite spot to visit during your spring breaks? Your parents’ house? Florida? Tell us at alumni@susqu.edu, and we’ll share some responses with you in the next alumni e-newsletter.

Keep an eye out for us, too! We might just be coming to your area for an event. Our aim has been to branch out from our usual event locations by adding alumni happy hours and receptions in California, Colorado and upstate New York. Want to recommend a location? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line here.

Don't Forget

Orange and Maroon Day is right around the corner on May 1. Get your favorite SU gear and your camera ready, and make May Day a big day for the Orange and Maroon. Prepare to win some cool prizes, too! Stay tuned for details.

Spread the Word

Susquehanna’s summer high school workshops are expanding again and providing excellent academic instruction, plus an opportunity to live on campus for a week. Check out this year’s options, including the new acting, legal careers, finance, and engineering options, here.

Speaking of WOW!

The immediate fundraising needs we introduced in January made solid progress on our One SU Day of Giving. Thanks to everyone who has supported these great causes so far. If you haven’t, there is still time to help students:

See something that piques your interest? Click on one of the links above to learn more and make your gift today. Donations are being accepted through the end of the month!

Alumni Spotlight

J. Thomas Uhler

J. Thomas Uhler ’70, firmly believes in embracing life to the fullest and giving back more than he has received. Since moving to Sanibel Island off Florida’s Gulf Coast 40 years ago to establish Uhler and Vertich Financial Planners, the biological sciences major has assisted and led numerous nonprofits. They include the United Way of Lee County, for which Uhler, his wife, Linda, and four others co-chaired two campaigns raising over $17 million. And that’s just the start of it. Read more about Uhler in the next issue of Susquehanna Currents magazine, coming to your mailbox in June this year.