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Hey, seniors! Don’t go without your ginkgo.

Between now and graduation, challenge yourself and your fellow classmates to collect all five traditions of a Susquehanna Champion, each represented by a different colored ginkgo leaf. Get a ginkgo button for each tradition you complete.

Complete one task under each of the five traditions below and you’ll also get a Champions cord to wear at Commencement and an “Got My Ginkgo” T-shirt to wear with pride everywhere the road of life takes you.

And wherever you go, carry with you the memories and the shared traditions that connect you to the Susquehanna family now and always.

Get your name on this list of Senior Champions!

Become a Senior Champion



Students and alumni are Susquehanna’s best advocates. Help promote your alma mater by doing one of these things:



You and the graduates who come after you are the difference makers of tomorrow! You’ve been supported in your college experience by the difference makers of yesterday and today. Continue the Susquehanna circle of support.



Bolster your chances of success after Susquehanna by taking advantage of our career development services and tapping into our alumni network.

  • Participate in an SU networking event. Find one with SU alumni here and explore additional on- and off-campus networking opportunities by emailing the Career Development Center at
  • Connect with an SU alumna/nus on LinkedIn and submit a screen shot.
  • Attend a Break Through event.


Demonstrate how you live out the university’s mission of service by continuing this longstanding tradition with one of these activities:



Every time you wear your orange and maroon apparel and display your SU memorabilia, you are advancing your alma mater’s reputation in the world. Show your school spirit with one of these activities this year:

Social Media Sharing

Get Social!

Join these alumni communities online to connect with other alumni, learn about job opportunities and stay on top of what's happening on campus and in regional alumni chapters across the Northeast.

Senior Champions

  • Chloe Abell
  • Evelyn Atwood
  • Tara Barbarich
  • Kristyn Beard
  • Alyssa Bolger
  • Emilie Boman
  • McKayla Brady
  • Keri Brady-Benzing
  • Lily Brubaker
  • Ryan Butterworth
  • Amanda Cappitelli
  • Krista Carr
  • Emily Castner
  • Patrick Centrella
  • Henry Chang
  • Andrew Claycomb
  • Shannon Costa
  • Julia Cote
  • Chandler Cox
  • Alanna Dent
  • Margaret Doherty
  • Gina Falzarano
  • Andrew Farrell
  • Sophia Francisco-Simon
  • Desiree Furbert
  • Lucia Garabo
  • Lydia Getgen
  • Cassandra Griffiths
  • Brooke Grill
  • Brynn Hainey
  • Darren Hamric
  • Una Heinzerling
  • Sarah Hixson
  • Chad Hummel
  • Kathryn Hunt
  • Elise Salada Hazlett
  • Christina Joell
  • Jessica Juhlin
  • Kristen Kaytes
  • James Kelly
  • Peyton Klembara
  • Julie Kreutzer
  • Nadine Lindskog
  • Valerie Lohrman
  • Tyler Marcocci
  • Christina Martin
  • Alyssa Matte
  • Cutter McMinn
  • Kelly Miller
  • Kelsey Miller
  • Basil Mokhallalati
  • Chelsea Moran
  • Sara Moyer
  • Kaitlyn Musser
  • Janeily Perez
  • Andrew Porzio
  • Kyle Prpich
  • Geena Ragozine
  • Sara Ramezzana
  • Danielle Ramsey
  • Nikell Rhyder
  • Robert Richardson
  • Benjamin Roehlke
  • Davis Rooke
  • Mairead Ruane
  • Annamaria Rudderow
  • Elise Salada Hazlett
  • Shannon Schone
  • Maeve Schurz
  • Nicole Schmidt
  • Meaghan Schoppe
  • Hailey Shannon
  • Dylan Smith
  • Grace Smith
  • Michael A. Smith
  • Julia Spear
  • Gabrielle Stahl
  • Ryan Straub-Fisher
  • Kelly Sweeny
  • Carissa Sweet
  • Seema Tailor
  • Emily Tobin
  • Julia Tolin
  • Anna Trapane
  • Krista Vandetty
  • Cassandra Van Stone
  • Corinne Weikel

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