The Campus Life department, supervised by the Dean of Students, plays an active role in the Division of Student Life and includes the offices of Residence Life and Leadership & Engagement.

Using an educational approach, members of the department also facilitate the University Conduct Process, helping students reflect on their decisions and consider how those decisions impact not only themselves but their community as well.

Together all members of Campus Life actively create a vibrant campus life experience for all students, spending concentrated time advising student clubs, groups, and organizations—including the student government association.

Whether you would like to engage in a leadership position, volunteer with a local community service agency, or choose the perfect housing option, Campus Life can assist as you navigate your Susquehanna University experience.

Campus Life offers a number of student leadership roles. Some of the positions are compensated positions such as the 87 student staff positions in Residence Life or the 12 in Charlie’s Coffeehouse or the 20 in Trax Night Club. There are also positions as student office assistants in the offices of Leadership & Engagement and Residence Life. The Johnson Center for Civic Engagement also has paid leadership roles working on various service learning and volunteer programs on and off campus.

If you are interested in serving in a leadership position in a club or organization, members of the Campus Life team can help you connect with opportunities in our 120-plus clubs and 11 national fraternities and sororities. Students interested in community standards and restorative justice can serve as Conduct Board members in the conduct system. There are endless opportunities to grow and develop leadership skills in formal roles and as active community members.

Susquehanna University Student Conduct System

As an educational institution, Susquehanna University seeks to encourage the intellectual and personal growth of its students as scholars and citizens. Therefore, Susquehanna is committed to student engagement in achievement, leadership and service both in and out of the classroom. Choosing to join the Susquehanna University community requires each member to recognize and adhere to a Code of Student Conduct emphasizing personal responsibility, awareness of how one’s actions affect the community, and one’s personal growth both inside and outside of the classroom. As positive community relations and personal responsibility continue to be valued off campus, the university campus should not be viewed as a sanctuary where its citizens avoid responsibility to observe civil law.

This Code of Student Conduct seeks to promote these qualities, both as a means to individual fulfillment and to guide Susquehanna students in “productive, creative, and reflective lives of achievement, leadership, and service in a diverse and interconnected world.” Thus, students are expected to exhibit high standards of behavior and concern for others. The university has established a Code of Student Conduct, as well as other rules and regulations, which individuals, groups of students, and student groups or organizations are expected to observe.

For more information regarding the student conduct processes, reporting options, and resources for our community please schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students & Campus Life or reference the Student Handbook.

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