Instructor Brings African Drum and Dance Lessons to TRAX

African Drumming Lesson
African Drumming Lesson

March 20, 2018

Yamoussa Camara, a South African drum and dance instructor, brought a new kind of event to our student night club.

Camara taught students about African drumming and dance and its cultural importance on Feb. 23, 2018, in TRAX. Students learned how to play two call and response songs on Djembe, Bata, and Bougarabou drums.

They were able to freestyle their own patterns, and Camara also taught the students several African phrases and the songs' meanings in each ritual.

"I thought this was a super cool experience! I used to play drums in high school so it was nice to be able to play for a little while," said Syd Sirois '18.

Step-by-step tutorials on a few tribal dances were given by Camara and one of his assistants before they handed it off to the students to put together their own, accompanied by traditional African music and drums by Camara.

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