Motor Vehicle Traffic & Parking Regulations

The operation and parking of a motor vehicle on the property of Susquehanna University is a privilege granted to the students, faculty, staff and guests of the university. Susquehanna University reserves the right to make and enforce those regulations which are deemed to be in the best interest of the university community. Motor vehicle privileges may be denied, suspended or revoked by the University.

Parking and traffic violations may result in assigned consequences, including a fine up to $200 per violation and/or other applicable fees, loss of vehicle parking privileges, vehicle towing, criminal charges and/or other consequences. Associated fees for any consequence (i.e., expenses associated with towing, damage to car because of towing, etc.) are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Students will be referred for review of violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Employees will be referred to Human Resources, who may treat the matter as a disciplinary situation.


The Motor Vehicle Regulations at Susquehanna University are for the benefit of the campus community and to ensure; A. Safety and protection of life and property on campus; B. Optimum use of campus roads and parking areas; C. Free flow of traffic; D. Service and emergency vehicle access to all parts of campus. 


Registration for students, faculty and staff

A. All motor vehicles parked on Susquehanna University property by a student, faculty member, or staff member must be registered with the Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety and must display a valid registration sticker or placard.

B. The registrant is responsible for all violations of these regulations regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time the violation occurred.

C. Occasional guests to the campus who are neither students nor employees of the University are not required to register their motor vehicles, but their vehicles must be parked in those areas designated as visitor parking. Visitors may park in these designated areas for no more than 8 hours on a given day and no more than 2 consecutive days. Longer term visitor parking will require a temporary parking permit placard being placed on the vehicle’s rearview mirror. These temporary permits may be obtained at the Office of Campus Safety, located at the 18th Street Commons House, at no charge. Overnight guests must register with the Office of Campus Safety, per the guest policy, and give their vehicle information along with the location of the vehicle to the Office of Campus Safety.

D. Student registrations expire on August 31 of each year. New permits are issued at the beginning and throughout the school year. Employee registration expires when the employment status is terminated. All registrations expire when the ownership of the registered vehicle is transferred.

E. Affiliates who wish to park in the spaces designated for “Low-Emitting and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles” or “Carpool” must first have the appropriate Faculty/Staff or Student registration sticker and must obtain the appropriate tag from the Office of Campus Safety. Information regarding authorized vehicles may be found in this policy or at the Office of Campus Safety located at the 18th Street Commons House. Vehicles permitted to park in these spaces must display the hanging tag inside of their vehicle around the rearview mirror. These spaces are on a first come/first serve basis. These spaces will be marked with painted green lines and signage.

See a map noting locations.

F. The number of parking registrations may be limited.

G. Student, Faculty, and staff may register their vehicles online on the myNest Campus Safety site under forms.

Parking Registration Stickers 

A. Acceptance of a motor vehicle registration sticker from Susquehanna University is an acknowledgement by the registrant that these regulations have been read and understood and constitutes an agreement by the registrant to abide by the regulations.

B. Registration stickers must be displayed in a clearly visible location on the rear window of a motor vehicle.

C. Registration stickers are not transferable from vehicle to vehicle or person to person.

D. Failure to display registration stickers in a clearly visible location will be treated as a failure to register a vehicle and will be subject to ticketing or towing.

E. Parking Registration Stickers will be issued as follows:

  1. Faculty & Staff
  2. First-Year Student: Lot east of Trax and west end of Sassafras Lot
  3. Upper Class: Student parking lots around campus
  4. Non-Resident: Commuter exception is First-Year Student Commuters, upper class sticker and green temporary hanging tag
  5. Temporary

Traffic Regulations 

A. Operators of motor vehicles must obey all signs and follow the directions of Susquehanna University Campus Safety Specialists. This also includes operators of bicycles.

B. The maximum speed limit on campus roads is 15 mph.

C. Drivers must always yield to all pedestrians and electric carts on campus.

D. Stop Signs: All vehicles must come to a full stop at all stop signs.

E. One Way Roads: Operators of motor vehicles must drive in the correct direction on oneway roads and conform to all other established campus traffic patterns.

F. Off-Road operation of vehicles on campus is prohibited. Violators are subject to a fine and payment for any damages.

G. Reckless Driving: Operating a motor vehicle in any manner which disregards the rights of others or in any manner which endangers or harms persons or property.

H. Snowmobiles, ATV, and other recreational off-road vehicles are not permitted on campus.

I. All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must be operated in a manner complying with all laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

J. Violation of any traffic regulation is punishable by a fine up to $200. Violation of any traffic regulation is punishable by a fine up to $200 and/or other consequences. Students may be referred for review of violations of the Code of Student, and employees will be referred to Human Resources, who may treat the matter as a disciplinary situation.  

Parking Regulations 

A. Parking is permitted only in designated areas indicated by signs, painted spaces, and/or approval by Susquehanna University Campus Safety Specialist.

B. Students may not park in areas designated for faculty/staff.

C. Faculty and staff may park in lots designated for faculty/staff and all general parking areas

D. A limited number of non-resident student parking permits will be issued. This permit will allow non-resident students to park in the commuter lot outside of Trax or general student parking. Students with general parking permits may not park in the commuter lot.

E. Students, faculty, and staff may not park in areas designated for visitors/reserved.

F. No one may park in restricted areas designated by ‘No Parking’ signs, yellow curbs, or yellow/white lines indicating no parking zone.

G. No one may park in or block service drives, loading zones, walkways, or entrances and exits of parking lots.

H. No one may park in a fire lane or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Violator’s vehicles are subject to immediate towing and will be issued a Borough of Selinsgrove ticket.

I. No one may park on a lawn or other planted area or on a surface not designated for motor vehicles.

J. All first-year students are required to park in the designated First-Year year lots. First- Year lots are located on the West side of the Sassafras Residence Halls and the lot east of Trax. General street parking is permitted on Zeigler Lane (Between Scholars House & basketball courts) and the access road behind the West Village Complex (leading to baseball field). To allow maximum usage all vehicles parked in this area must display a valid SU parking permit and be parked within a marked space. All vehicles are asked to park with the front-end facing east (toward Degenstein Campus Center).

K. Double parking is not permitted without authorization of the Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety.

L. Vehicles bearing a special handicapped-driver registration plate or placard may park in designated handicapped parking spaces. In special circumstances, a temporary handicapped placard may be approved by the Office of Disability Services. Violator’s vehicles are subject to immediate towing.

M. No parking against traffic along any roadway on university property, unless authorized by the Office of Campus Safety or properly marked.

N. No one is permitted to sleep overnight in a vehicle parked on campus. Permission can be granted through the Campus Safety Office for the temporary use of RVs and campers to sleep on campus for special events.

O. Only authorized vehicles are permitted to park in the cut-out area on University Avenue outside of Seibert Hall. This area is posted with appropriate signage. Violators are subject to traffic tickets issued by the Borough of Selinsgrove.

P. Geisinger parking lot is for workers, patients, and individuals with specific business inside of the Geisinger/SU medical facility.

Q. The parking map is located on the Campus Safety website. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, and staff to be aware of this policy and map.

R. Violation of a parking regulation is punishable by a fine up to $200. Violator’s vehicles are also subject to being towed and other associated expenses according to this policy. Other consequences may also be assigned.  

Major and Persistent Violations

Major and persistent violations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Tampering with a parking ticket, registration sticker, parking sign, traffic sign, or disobedience to traffic directions issued by Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety

B. Interfering with a Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety official or outside law enforcement officer performing traffic direction or parking enforcement

C. Flagrant or persistent violations of any of the provisions in this policy or of any law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pertaining to traffic or parking  


A. Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Regulations is the responsibility of the Office of Campus Safety.

B. All fines will be forwarded after 14 days to the Business Office to be billed to the offender/registered operator’s university account (see section XIII Appeals).

C. If the violator is a student, unpaid parking tickets will result in a financial hold on the students account, and this may impact the student’s ability to register for classes and/or diploma at graduation.

D. At the discretion of Campus Safety, parking enforcement will be suspended (except for reserved, fire lane/hydrant and handicapped parking) during finals and during the first week of classes through Thursday of that week. Enforcement will begin on the Friday of the first week of classes. 

Parking and Traffic Violation Tickets

A. Susquehanna University parking and traffic violation tickets may only be issued by members of the Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety, or their designee.

B. The Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety is authorized to issue tickets for Susquehanna University. Tickets issued on behalf of SU will be handled by the Business Office for billing. Borough of Selinsgrove tickets will be handled by the Borough Police Department.

C. Parking and traffic violation tickets will be the most common enforcement measure; however, there will be times that illegally parked vehicles do not receive a parking ticket and immediate action taken.

D. A copy of an issued parking violation ticket will be placed on the front windshield and under the driver- side wiper blade of the offending vehicle. In the event that an offending vehicle leaves the scene prior to the parking ticket being issued, a copy of the parking ticket will be mailed to the campus residence of the offender. In the event that there is no campus address, the copy of the parking ticket will be sent to the address of registration of the vehicle.

E. Parking violation tickets have a space to note the fine for a particular offense. At the time of issuance, this space will be completed and fine noted.  


A. The Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety may tow a vehicle parked in violation of regulations such as:

  1. Vehicle parked in a hazardous position as interpreted by a member of the Susquehanna University Office of Campus Safety.
  2. Vehicle parked in a fire lane.
  3. Vehicle parked in a space designated by a handicapped sign without a proper handicapped registration plate or placard.
  4. Repeat offenders are subject to towing.
  5. Vehicle parked in a roadway, loading zone, sidewalk, blocking handicapped access to sidewalk, field, or grassy area, etc.
  6. Vehicle parked in any space not intended for vehicle parking including grass.
  7. Students parked in a faculty/staff space.
  8. Vehicles may be towed without warning for blocking areas during university events or for parking in a way that creates a particular hazard. It will be the Office of Campus Safety’s decision to tow the vehicle off campus or to the Sassafras Lot. Campus Safety will cover the cost for this service call and determine assignment of appropriate costs to vehicle drivers.
  9. Vehicles will be subject to towing on the 4th violation of warnings, and tickets for unregistered vehicles.
  10. Vehicles will be subject to towing on the 2nd violation for parking in handicapped spaces whether registered or unregistered.

B. Susquehanna University uses a vendor for all towing incidents:

Keller’s Auto Body Inc.
825 N. High Street
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

C. Susquehanna University does not receive any funds from towing incidents. Vehicles towed to vendor will be recovered at the owner’s expense. The cost to the owner to recover the vehicle is $85-$100. If the operator arrives at the tow truck after the offending vehicle is attached to the truck the cost will be $50 to have the vehicle unattached to the tow truck. This will be in addition to the fine attached to the ticket. If the towing company responds there will be a service charge even if the vehicle is not towed. Campus Safety will pay the invoice and the cost(s) may be assigned to the vehicle driver. If the driver is a student, fees may be directly assigned to the student’s account. 

Extenuating Circumstances and Abandon Vehicles

A. Realizing that there are many extenuating circumstances, the Office of Campus Safety will work with all members of our community in situations where special traffic or parking arrangements may need to occur. If someone needs a special arrangement (Loading/unloading, overnight arrival, escort, etc.) the Office of Campus Safety must be notified prior to the need of a special arrangement. If the Office of Campus Safety does not receive notification, the vehicle is subject to all regulations and sanctions for violation.

B. Vehicles left on campus after the semester is over must be removed within seven (7) days. Contact with the owner will be made via email and/or telephone by Campus Safety to determine the timeframe for removal of vehicle. Any vehicles remaining after the 7 days will be towed at the owner’s expense by Keller’s Auto Body.


A. Appeals must be submitted via the online parking appeals form located on the Campus Safety website.

B. Appeals must be made within 10 calendar days of the issuance of the Parking and Traffic Violation ticket. Appeals will not be accepted after this time.

C. The Parking Appeals Committee is led by Campus Safety and includes a member of the staff, faculty, and student body. This Committee meets twice a semester to review appeals. The outcome of this review may include a decision to deny the appeal; if the appeal is upheld, final outcomes may include voiding the ticket, reducing the fine or sanction, or other actions. All decisions from the Parking Appeals Committee are final.


A. Payment of fines associated with tickets issued by SU Office of Campus Safety should be made to Student Services or may be mailed to the same office within 10 working days. All checks should be made to Susquehanna University.

B. Fines associated with parking or traffic violations that are unpaid after 10 days will be forwarded to the account of the student, faculty, or staff member. Non-affiliated violators will be referred to the Selinsgrove Borough Police Department.

C. Payment of fines associated with tickets issued by or on behalf of the Borough of Selinsgrove should be directed to the Police Department located at 100 W. Pine Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Payment instructions are written on the enclosed envelope and must be received by the Police Department within 48 hours of issuance.

Fines (offense count is by academic year)

A. Handicapped/Special Needs - $50 first offense, $100 second offense, possible towing plus loss of parking privileges.

B. Fire Lane/Hydrant - $50

C. All others – First offence $15, second offense $30, third and subsequent offence $50, possible towing plus loss of parking privileges.

D. Failure to comply with Campus Safety Official or tampering with parking enforcement equipment - $200 and possible loss of parking privileges.  

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