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Susquehanna University Service Leaders (SUSL) program is a prestigious service learning opportunity for SU students to engage in a four-year leadership and training opportunity to impact youth development in the region. The core components focus on reflection, reciprocity and relationships.

What does SUSL entail?

  • Serve with a community partner in a four-year placement to positively impact youth development in the region.
  • Receive leadership training and professional development opportunities to strengthen and develop professional and personal skills to prepare for life as civic leaders.
  • Work 6-8 hours a week with a community partner.
  • First-year students will attend monthly meetings, one winter break service trip, one eight-week summer of service and more.
  • Receive a scholarship of $5,000 yearly with adherence to program requirements.

Questions about the program, contact Sarah E. Farbo, assistant director for service leaders program & career development center, at 570-372-4733 or

SUSL Flyer

How do I apply?

  • Must be accepted into SU and must have filed FAFSA by Jan. 2, 2019
  • A 300 word minimum/600 word maximum essay outlining your commitment and philosophy to service and civic engagement
  • A minimum of two references who can speak to your involvement in service/civic engagement
  • Priority deadline is Jan. 2, 2019, and students applying by this date will be given strongest consideration. Final deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2019
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Isabella Moles '21

My experience with the SU Service Leaders has changed my perspective on the world and my future. SUSL has encouraged me to focus on the three components of reflection, reciprocity, and relationships, which have created a robust college experience and have created within me a civic leader.

Katherine Moronta Rodriguez '21

Being a Susquehanna Service leader has become part of my life as a college student. Having the opportunity to work with the Regional Engagement Center has helped me gain great relationships with the children I spend my time with and teach them how to be leaders while I am myself learning to lead. This program has taught me how to get the most out of my college experience and I couldn't be more grateful.

Taishiana Tsosie '21

Being a SUSL exceeded any expectations that I had in coming to SU. The people and the program have become more than a simple cohort or internship or scholarship—it's its own unique thing that I'm immensely grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of.

Jose Martinez Rivera '21

My experience with the service leaders program had allowed me to create interpersonal connections with residents of the Selinsgrove community, as well as many members of Susquehanna University. I've considered the position of a service leader to truly be a gift, and I'm looking forward to seeing myself grow as a person through the program!

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