Fall 2022 Move-In for New Students

Pre-Flight Participants: Sunday, Aug. 21

First-Year Students (not registered for Pre-Flight): Thursday, Aug. 25

Move-In Process for New Students

The 2022 residence hall opening begins Thursday, Aug. 25. All new first-year students will move into one of four halls: Aikens Hall, Reed Hall, Smith Hall or Hassinger Hall. Transfer students will be assigned to other halls based on class year. To accommodate all new students moving into the residence halls, our move-in process proceeds on a staggered schedule to be released over the summer.

All new students are required to participate in the four days of Take Flight Orientation, including early-arriving athletes, international students, and commuting students. New residential students will receive orientation materials at their residence hall check-in.

Commuter students will receive their orientation materials on Thursday, Aug. 25, in the Degenstein Campus Center at the Hawk Hub (time TBD).

Tagging Personal Items

Orientation Leaders and helpers will assist with move-in. They will do the heavy lifting for you!

All personal belongings and boxes need to be clearly labeled with the following information prior to arriving on campus:

  • Student name
  • Student residence hall name
  • Room assignment number

To avoid unnecessary delays or misplacing your personal items, please make sure you label your property according to this format prior to your arrival onto campus.

Assistance for move-in will be available from 7 a.m. to noon. Students who arrive after this time will be responsible for moving their belongings into their rooms and locating scheduled events.

Traffic Detail/Campus Safety

Drivers are instructed to always remain with their vehicles and be alert for instructions from Campus Safety traffic directors. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended for any reason, as this causes unnecessary delays in the unloading process.

Campus Safety and orientation staff will direct all vehicles to appropriate parking locations after hall drop-off.

Students: We strongly encourage you to have someone else be the driver of your car so that you can go in the residence hall while your vehicle is unloaded. We need vehicles to be moved quickly to keep the process flowing and having a non-student driver will make the process smoother.

Click here to view the move-in day traffic map.

Move-In Announcements

The campus radio station, WQSU-FM 88.9, will broadcast move-in instructions.

Drivers are advised to tune in for updates and announcements.

Click here to listen live to WQSU

Vehicle Placards

Vehicles will be directed to their designated buildings by using the following placards to be prominently displayed on the dashboard.

  • Download the placard from the list below that matches your designated building and print in COLOR.
  • Fold in half and place on the dashboard of your vehicle so volunteers guiding you can easily direct you to your building.
  • Please only enter the move-in line if you have items to be moved into the residence halls.
  • To streamline the process, any vehicle without items to be moved into buildings will not be directed to enter the move-in line.
    Please use the BLACK “Guests Only” vehicle placard if you bring another car that contains only guests and nothing to be moved into the residence hall. (These vehicles will be directed to another parking area and shuttles will be provided to transport guests to their student’s residence hall.)

We’re Here to Help

Questions related to Move-In Day and housing-specific questions may be directed to Residence Life at 570-372-4133.

Questions related to Take Flight Orientation may be directed to the First-Year Experience at 570-372-4753.

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