Ship-Ahead Options for First-Year Students

Susquehanna has partnered with Storage Scholars as a preferred shipping company or you may choose a shipping company such as UPS®.

Before you begin packing anything, refer to our checklist that contains suggestions and items that will help you determine what you’ll need at Susquehanna this semester.

Storage Scholars

Let Storage Scholars make your move-in day a breeze. 

Ship Boxes from Home
Send Storage Scholars your own boxes or they can ship you a kit of empty boxes to make packing easier. FedEx can even pick-up from your house!

Buy Online and Ship

Shop online and put the Storage Scholars facility as your shipping address.

They Receive & Notify You

Each package is scanned in with a photo and you get a text and email confirmation of its arrival.

Delivery In Room

Their team will deliver everything to your room on or before your move-in day this fall.

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UPS® Shipping

You can opt to ship up to two boxes weighing up to 40 pounds each at your own expense. If the box(es) are delivered to Susquehanna by Aug. 1, we guarantee they will be placed in your dorm room prior to your arrival on campus. Best efforts will be made to place anything arriving after Aug. 1 into your room; otherwise, items will be held at the university’s mailroom for regular pick up.


Print shipping label and pay from home

UPS has tools to help you determine and pay for shipping costs, as well as create a shipping label right from home. You can then arrange for a pickup at your home or take the box(es) to a UPS drop-off point.

Mail from a UPS location

If you prefer to take your box(es) to a shipping center, you can select a UPS drop-off point closest to you — they’ll determine your shipping costs and print the mailing label for you.

Ensure residence hall delivery

There are a few things to remember about Susquehanna’s guarantee to place your box(es) in your residence hall room prior to your arrival on campus.

    1. Ship to your Hawk Number mailing address.

      Student First Name and Last Name
      Susquehanna University
      1858 Weber Way, {{HawkNumber}}
      Selinsgrove, PA 17870

    2. Attach this print-at-home label on one side of the box and write your residence hall and room number on the label. If you do not have access to a printer, attach a piece of paper that clearly indicates your residence hall and room number.

    3. Mail with enough time for the box(es) to arrive at Susquehanna by Aug. 1.

Other packages

There may be other packages that you prefer to ship to campus directly from an online retailer, such as Amazon and Target. Be sure to update the ship-to/delivery address in the online account to include your student name and Hawk Number with SU’s mailing address, using the example provided above. 

While Susquehanna cannot guarantee those items will be placed in your residence hall room prior to your Move-In Day, staff will make their best attempt!

If you ship a package to campus directly from a site and it isn’t in your room when you arrive on campus, check your email for instructions on how and when to retrieve it.

For questions about shipping or your Hawk Number, contact