Every River Hawk deserves a mentor on their flight plan.

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What is Susquehanna Mentor Collective?

Susquehanna Mentor Collective is an online mentoring community that links you and other first-year students with a personal mentor based on your common academic interests, career goals, life challenges and experiences. You’ll be matched with a current Susquehanna University student who is invested in your success – a person ready to listen, inspire, help you navigate challenges and recognize opportunities.

What do mentors and mentees discuss?

Connecting with your mentor through text message, video chat or email, you can ask questions that will help guide your first year at Susquehanna. You’ll learn what to expect in college, how to approach challenges, gain career advice and valuable insights, time management, work-life balance and more. Common questions include:

  • How will my major impact my professional options?
  • How do I balance the demands of school, responsibilities, and socializing?
  • How can I set myself up for academic, social, and career success?
  • How do I make connections with peers and professional contacts?

How can I get matched with a mentor?

Susquehanna Mentor Collective is exclusively for first-year students. Registrations are limited to the first 250 to sign up.

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If you have questions about Susquehanna Mentor Collective, contact Samantha Proffitt, Senior Director of Student Engagement.