The Information Technology and Help Desk team work hard to make sure that campus technology works smoothly for everyone-from students and faculty to alumni and visitors.

Our dedication to technological advances, computer protection and information management make it possible for the university to run efficiently. 

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If you plan to bring a computer, choose one that will work smoothly with our technology environment. The links below include basic recommendations, explanations and educational discounts for computers and software.


Computer Specifications

Software Requirements

Platform Recommendations by Major

First-Year Student Computer Preparation Checklist


Featured Sites:

Apple Store for Education

Dell Store for Education

Carbonite Online, Automatic Backup Plans

JourneyEd Select Student Store (educational discount software)

Keep in mind that you don't need a computer to be successful here. We have more than 200 computers located in eight large computer labs, one of which is open 24/7 during the academic year.

Most are Windows-based, except for some labs managed by academic departments. Public computers are in high demand at certain times of the year so make sure to plan appropriately.

Should I buy a laptop, desktop or tablet?

Consider how mobile you want to be, how easily you want to be able to upgrade and how much you are willing to pay.  Wireless Internet is available across campus for laptops. However, desktops are cheaper and easier to upgrade. We do not recommend a tablet as a computer replacement but as a supplement to a desktop or laptop.

Where should I buy my computer?

Buy your computer from a large reputable computer retailer, such as Dell or Apple. You can get more powerful computers and a better warranty at a significant discount. If you buy a computer that is not recommended, we cannot guarantee its compatibility with the network, and our help desk will only offer very limited support. 

Should I buy a PC or a Mac?

The computing environment is mainly Windows-based, but our Help Desk is able to support students with either a Windows-based PC or a Macintosh. View a list of recommended platforms by major.

Do I need my own printer?

No, there are black-and-white and color laser printers in our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week computer lab and in common areas in each academic building. You can print for free up to a reasonable limit. If you do bring a printer, keep in mind that WiFi printers can cause wireless interference for the entire building if they are misconfigured. 

I already have a computer. Can I bring it?

Yes, but it should meet our computer specifications. If you have specific questions about whether your current computer will be adequate, contact the Help Desk at 570-372-4502 or

The majority of campus is covered by Wi-Fi, including common outdoor spaces. Residence halls are 100 percent wireless featuring the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Campus Wireless Map

Available networks are:

  • Eduroam: Used by all members of the Susquehanna community for computers, tablets or smart phones. Offers full network access, is faster, is secure and does not require users to re-register.
  • SU-Guest: Should only be used for actual guests OR to connect gaming and media devices.

The cell phone providers with the best signal on campus are Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Due to changing trends with the way students consume media – via streaming, on demand, and on their personal device of choice, SU does not offer traditional cable TV service in individual residence hall rooms. We have made significant investments to our wireless network to accommodate the increasing demands of personal streaming services. As a Susquehanna college student, many of these streaming services are now available to you at a discount (e.g. Hulu, Amazon Prime). Additionally, Susquehanna sees the value in providing entertainment options in communal areas, so traditional cable TV service is provided in all “suite-style” living spaces and residence hall lounges – as well as other communal areas around campus. Where cable TV is offered, a variety of digital and HD programming is available.

In larger lounge/communal areas, a TV has been provided; while in smaller suite-style areas residents will need to bring their own TV.  If bringing a TV for a suite area where cable TV service is available, you will need a TV with a QAM tuner. 

Support is provided, on a limited basis, for viruses and networking by contacting the Information Technology Help Desk at 570-372-4502 or to make an appointment. You will need to bring your computer to the Information Technology Help Desk in the lower level of Seibert Hall.

The Help Desk can offer some assistance contacting your computer manufacturer's technical support. A higher level of support is available on our recommended models of enterprise-class Dell and Apple computers.

There are nine general computer labs on campus for student use, including one with 24-hour access. Additionally, there are eight specialty labs and seven mobile notebook labs for specialized use by various departments, including multiple dedicated Mac Labs for students in Graphic Design, Digital Multimedia, as well as Publishing and Editing.

Each lab is upgraded every four years and is equipped with a wide range of software. Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Visual Studio, and IBM SPSS are some examples. There are public spaces in each building, including those near computer labs, which are equipped with both black and white as well as color printing and scan-to-email. Printing is free up to the allowable quota, allotted each semester.

Because of the availability of computers around campus, it is not necessary to have your own computer, though most students bring a personal computer to campus anyway.

Higher Education Opportunity Act

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) includes provisions that are designed to reduce the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. 

Before you share, beware! The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject you to large fines and jail time. The law applies to songs, videos, games, textbooks, and any other type of creative content. 

Individuals who violate the copyright law, even unintentionally, by illegally uploading or downloading may be subject to civil penalties of between $750 and $150,000 per song! For those who download or upload dozens or hundreds of songs, penalties could reach into the millions of dollars. 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Use technology wisely. You are responsible for the choices you make and should be cautious when obtaining any copyrighted material.
  • Before you download anything for free, research whether that source provides material licensed by the copyright owner. 
  • We must comply with all valid subpoenas asking us to turn over your contact information for the purpose of filing a lawsuit.
  • You may rip a CD onto your computer and then listen to it on your iPod, but that only applies for your own personal use. 
  • Unauthorized distribution or receipt of copyrighted material is a violation of the university's Conditions of Use Policy.
  • We use technology solutions to restrict viral P2P applications.
  • Traffic flow from residence hall and wireless networks can be limited or shut off when excessive bandwidth investigations points to copyright infringements.
  • For a list of legal alternatives for downloading, visit

Compared to our peers, we receive remarkably few peer to peer file sharing takedown notices. We will continue to monitor these notices to watch for unexpected increases that would require additional measures.

Learn how to use other people's materials appropriately at the Susquehanna University Blough-Weis Library website.

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