Students enrolling, currently enrolled and/or formerly enrolled at Susquehanna University (“Susquehanna”) are legally responsible to pay all tuition and fees assessed to their student account by the published due date as well as any additional costs or expenses related to their enrollment at Susquehanna. These costs and expenses include, but are not limited to, housing, meal (food) plans, flex dollars or SU Bucks, health insurance (where applicable) and any other departmental or university costs associated with their enrollment or processed to their student account.

Please note the following financial responsibility statements as your enrollment denotes a legally binding contract with the university:

Financial Responsibility

Students are encouraged to complete the “Financial Responsibility Agreement” upon enrollment as each student promises to pay all tuition, fees, costs, credit, goods, services, and expenses by the published due date specified by Susquehanna within the monthly e-statement notification and/or online Campus Commerce statement.

Effect of Complete Withdrawal from University or Dropping below Full-Time Enrollment

Students agree that if they withdrawal from the university completely or drop classes below a full-time enrollment status (12 credits per semester), they are responsible for paying the amount of expenses as dictated by Susquehanna’s Institutional Withdrawal & Tuition Adjustment Policy, federal/state financial aid requirements and Susquehanna’s Financial Aid Terms & Conditions. 

Students also agree that their absence, failure to attend classes, receive/review their monthly student account statement does not reduce or remove their financial responsibility to Susquehanna. Costs associated with domestic or international internships, the GO program and any other educational program may have separate and unique withdrawal or refund policies specific to the programs costs and financial aid (if applicable) that do not remove the student’s financial responsibility to Susquehanna.

Financial Aid

Students understand that any federal, state, or institutional financial aid (including, but not limited to, Title IV funds) that they receive, except for Federal Work Study wages, will be first applied to any outstanding balance on their account for tuition, fees, room, and board. Title IV financial aid includes aid from the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Direct Loans, and PLUS Loan. Students authorize Susquehanna to apply their Title IV and state financial aid to other charges assessed to their student account such as, parking permits and fines, bookstore charges, service fees and fines, and any other educationally related charges. Students understand this authorization remains in effect until formally rescinded by the student contacting Student Financial Services. Students receiving financial aid or who experience a financial aid or billing error are not exempt from any appropriate costs, including but not limited to tuition, fees, housing, meals (food), the payment of enrollment deposits, student activity fees or health insurance by the dates prescribed.

Students understand that all prizes, awards, scholarships, and grants awarded to them by Susquehanna will be credited to their student account and applied toward any outstanding balance. Students further understand that the receipt of a prize, award, scholarship, or grant is considered a financial resource according to federal Title IV financial aid regulations and may therefore reduce my eligibility for other federal and/or state financial aid (i.e., loans, grants, Federal Work Study) which, if already disbursed to my student account, must be reversed and returned to the aid source.

Federal student aid borrowers are responsible for completing the required exit counseling prior to graduation, withdrawal from Susquehanna, or if the student drops below half-time enrollment, if the student has an outstanding student loan (e.g., Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan, Federal Perkins Loan).

Student Account Communications

Students are responsible for obtaining and viewing their bills electronically. It is important to log in and view your electronic billing statement each time you receive an e-statement notification to your Susquehanna email address that a new statement is available to view. Miscellaneous charges such as parking registrations, parking tickets, health center charges, music fees, library fees, shuttle fees and Global Opportunity fees are billed to the student account throughout the year. Failure to view your electronic billing statement through the student account center will result in past due balances, interest charges, holds on student accounts and does not remove your financial responsibility to the university.

Delinquent Accounts & Collections Placement

Students whose accounts have not been paid in full may be placed on a financial hold and their ability to register for or attend classes, receive any degree or official transcript, participate in campus housing registration, etc. may be removed and/or limited. Students with delinquent accounts may also accrue interest fees and incur collection and legal costs. Students will be notified by Student Financial Services of denial to participate in the privileges listed above via their myNest self-service student account.

Students who fail to pay the amount due to Susquehanna and subsequently leave the university with an unpaid balance due to the university provide consent to the university, its agents, attorneys, and contractors to collect any sums due. Please note that Pennsylvania law has jurisdiction and any disputes arising shall be determined in accordance with the law of this jurisdiction.

Updating Contact Information

Students understand and agree that they are responsible for keeping Susquehanna records up to date with their current physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Upon leaving Susquehanna for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to provide Susquehanna with updated contact information for the purposes of continued communication regarding any amounts that remain due and owed to Susquehanna. Students that do not update their contact information and therefore fail to receive communication from the university are still financially responsible for any balance due to Susquehanna.