Students are responsible for obtaining and viewing their bills electronically. It is important to log in and view your electronic billing statement each time you receive notification that a new statement is available to view.

Miscellaneous charges such as parking registrations, parking tickets, health center charges, music fees, library fees, shuttle fees and Global Opportunity fees are billed to the student account throughout the school term.

Failure to view your electronic billing statement through the student account center will result in past due balances, interest charges and holds on student accounts.

Students receiving financial aid are not exempt from payment of enrollment deposits, student activity fees or health insurance by the dates prescribed.

Tuition bills must be paid in full by the designated semester due date

Student whose accounts have not been paid in full will be placed on a hold and may not:

  • Register for or attend classes
  • Receive any degree or transcript 
  • Participate in campus housing registration

They may also accrue interest fees and incur collection and legal costs. Students will be notified by Student Financial Services of denial to participate in the privileges listed above.