Our Susquehanna University CCRT is made up of internal and external partners focused on improving campus-wide prevention as well as improved survivor-centered services. Our team is divided into general CCR Team members who meet and work in subcommittees once a month on the topics of: Conduct, Law Enforcement, Prevention and Victim/Survivor Services. In addition, there is a core team of seven members who attend OVW’s required Training and Technical Institutes and attend one additional team meeting a month.

Internal Partners

Don Weirick, Associate Director of Public Safety; Law Enforcement Subcommittee; Core Team Member

Ryan Maxwell; Public Safety Lead Investigator; Law Enforcement Subcommittee

Dena Salerno, Director of Inclusion & Diversity; Victim/Survivor Support Subcommittee; Conduct Subcommittee

Sharief Hashim, Director of Athletics; Prevention Subcommittee

Cheryl Stumpf, Counselor; Victim Services Subcommittee

Edward Slavishak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Program Director of GO Czech Republic; Prevention Subcommittee

Amanda O’Rourke, Digital Communications and Media Specialist; Prevention Subcommittee

Jill Franklin, Interim Director for the Office of Leadership and Engagement; Prevention Subcommittee; Green Dot Implementation Team Co-Chair

External Partners

Tara Day Ulrich, Transitions of PA; Victim/Survivor Services Subcommittee

Jennifer Taylor, Transitions of PA; ex officio all committees; Core Team Member

District Attorney Mike Piecuch, Snyder County DA’s Office; Law Enforcement Subcommittee

Lindsey Biddle, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program, Evangelical Community Hospital; Victim Services Subcommittee

Chief Thomas Garlock; Chief of Selinsgrove Borough Police Department; Law Enforcement Subcommittee; Core Team Member