#ProtectTheNest Department of Justice grant 2017-2023

The Department of Justice Grant: 2017- 2019

Susquehanna University was awarded the  Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women grant in 2017 to implement several endeavors across campus to improve comprehensive prevention as well as victims services.

This meant hiring of a Project Coordinator, Christiana Paradis, to assure the measures of the grant were met and the development of a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT), but also several things that affect the lives of people on campus in real ways.

Year One (October 2017 - September 2018)

  • Developed a detailed and comprehensive Strategic Plan that outlines the goal of these initiatives.
  • Created and maintained a Coordinated Community Response Team. This team currently has 19 members as well as four community partners: Transitions of Pa, Snyder County District Attorney's Office, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner at Evangelical Community Hospital and the Chief of Police at the Selingrove Borough Police Department.

Year Two (October 2018 - September 2019)

  • Established the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center to provide new resources and one central location for victims to go on campus if they were affected by sexual misconduct or gender based violence.
  • Work directly with Transitions of PA to now provide 24/7 advocacy services to victims.
  • Rewrote the Sexual Misconduct and Gender Based Violence Policy which was reviewed and approved by the Clery Center & Victim's Rights Law Center
  • Training for all conduct board members on the topic of gender based violence as it pertains to understanding and evaluating conduct cases.
  • Developed a process assessment for all students who go through the Title IX process so they can anonymously rate and review their experience.
  • Law enforcement signed a Miranda of Understanding with Selinsgrove Borough Police Department to work alongside each other.
  • Training for all campus law enforcement on the topic of gender based violence and response.
  • Developed new ID cards with emergency numbers for students.
  • Mandatory prevention and education programs about gender based violence; specifically, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking for First Year Students, new staff, Greek Life members, and all NCAA athletes. 
  • Trained 17 faculty and staff members in Green Dot Bystander Prevention that is launching Fall of 2020.
  • Launched a new Student Safety website in the Fall of 2019. 
  • Launched Engaging Men Committee to talk about issues of masculinity and creating a safer campus. 
  • Established a Prevention Policy. 

Year Three: Sustainability (October 2019-September 2020)

  • Preparing the campus community for the closing of the grant.
  • Building sustainable policies and procedures to institutionalize change.
  • Preparing subcommittees for new leadership at the close of the grant.
  • Applying for grant continuation if applicable.
  • Continue implementing and expanding prevention programming.

What's Next: DOJ Grant Continuation (2020 - 2023)

Susquehanna University has been awarded $299,328 from the U.S. Department of Justice to continue work to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence.  This funding, awarded from the DOJ’s Office on Violence Against Women, is a continuation of the university’s original 2018 grant from that office.

The new funding will:

  • Expand training and technical assistance opportunities for the CCRT.
  • Help the team establish a  lethality assessment program at Susquehanna, which is a strategy to prevent domestic violence homicides and serious injuries.
  • Increase access to materials in languages other than English.
  • Support the hiring of a graduate assistant to expand the VIP Center’s work engaging men across campus.
  • Broaden the reach of the VIP Center’s  Green Dot bystander intervention programming.

If you have questions regarding this grant, please contact Christiana Paradis at  paradis@susqu.edu

If you have found this page and need to file a report, please go here.

Our Susquehanna University CCRT is made up of internal and external partners focused on improving campus-wide prevention as well improved survivor-centered services. Our team is divided into general CCR Team members who meet and work in subcommittees once a month on the topics of: Conduct, Law Enforcement, Prevention, and Victim/Survivor Services. In addition, there is a core team of seven members who attend OVW’s required Training and Technical Institutes and attend one additional team meeting a month.

Internal Partners

Christiana Paradis, Program Coordinator for DOJ OVW Grant, Chair of CCRT, Ex Officio All Committees

Angelo Martin, Director of Public Safety; Law Enforcement Subcommittee

Don Weirick, Associate Director of Public Safety; Law Enforcement Subcommittee; Core Team Member

Ryan Maxwell; Public Safety Lead Investigator; Law Enforcement Subcommittee

Christie Kracker, Dean of Students and Campus Life; Conduct Subcommittee; Core Team Member

Dena Salerno, Asst. Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion and Interim Title IX Coordinator; Victim/Survivor Support Subcommittee and Conduct Subcommittee

Sharief Hashim, Director of Athletics; Prevention Subcommittee

Samantha Proffitt, Director of the First Year Experience; Prevention Subcommittee

Susan L. Lantz, Ed.D., Vice President for Student Life; Conduct Subcommittee; Core Team Member

Cheryl Stumpf, Counselor; Victim Services Subcommittee

Edward Slavishak,PhD Associate Professor of History, Program Director of GO Czech Republic; Prevention Subcommittee

Amanda O’Rourke, Digital Communications and Media Specialist; Prevention Subcommittee

Jill Franklin, Interim Director for the Office of Leadership and Engagement; Prevention Subcommittee, Green Dot Implementation Team Co-Chair

External Partners

Tara Day Ulrich, Transitions of PA; Victim/Survivor Services Subcommittee

Jennifer Taylor, Transitions of PA; ex officio all committees, Core Team Member

District Attorney Mike Piecuch, Snyder County DA’s Office; Law Enforcement Subcommittee

Lindsey Biddle, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program, Evangelical Community Hospital; Victim Services Subcommittee

Chief Thomas Garlock; Chief of Selinsgrove Borough Police Department; Law Enforcement Subcommittee; Core Team Member

In addition to the efforts of staff, faculty, and professionals in our community we have also expanded our CCR Team to include a student advisory committee. This committee reviews the work of the CCR Team and provides critical student feedback before implementation.

Currently we have a Student Advisory Committee of 12 students and representation across cross cutting populations within our campus community including: first year-senior class year, Greek Life affiliation, First Year Experience student leaders, Resident Assistants, Peer Educators, faith-based organization affiliation, and first generation students. We are continually looking to expand the knowledge and range of our Student Advisory Committee. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our Program Coordinator at: paradis@susqu.edu

Each division of our CCR Team is working on critical goals as part of our strategic plan for the Office of Violence Against Women. Below is an outline of goals each subcommittee of our CCRT is working on. To be included on the List Serv to receive monthly updates about our work or to get involved more e-mail paradis@susqu.edu.

Comprehensive Prevention Subcommittee

  • Have consistent posted language, messaging, and branding across campus and on our University website that focuses on proactive preventative behavior that will galvanize community buy-in and eliminate misperceptions and gaps in communication.
  • Increase our prevention education on campus to include the incorporation of evidence-based primary prevention that will focus on skill building for key topics related to gender-based violence that are culturally specific.
  • Increase our prevention education on campus to include the incorporation of evidence-based primary prevention for 100% of incoming students that is culturally specific.
  • Have a standard process and protocol for engaging, tracking, and evaluating prevention programming on campus and adapting programming to meet the needs of our community.

Student Conduct Subcommittee

  • Have in place a set of clear, concise, policies and procedures for addressing situations of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking that have been prepared and revised in line with recommendations for best policy practices.
  • Have communicated and educated faculty, staff, students, and CCRT members on the revised conduct policy.
  • Our campus conduct board will have a continual training schedule and be fully trained to respond effectively to situations involving sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

Law Enforcement Subcommittee

  • Have a signed and implemented MOU between Susquehanna University’s Department of Public Safety and Selinsgrove Borough Police Department.
  • Have assisted in the development and participate in a countywide sexual assault protocol.
  • SU’s Department of Public Safety and Selinsgrove Police Department will have designed and implemented an ongoing training schedule that allows for routine training of all officers.
  • SU’s Department of Public Safety will have developed a process for assessing and evaluating the investigation process.

Victim/Survivor Support Services Subcommittee

  • Have a process in place to provide a survivor-centered structured initial meeting that is accessible for all campus student populations.
  • Have a permanent place on campus to provide survivor-centered support.
  • Have a developed advocacy program to better serve survivors of sexual violence.
  • Have universal screening for relationship and sexual violence at the University Health Center.