The following list of resources and guides have been compiled to help complainants, respondents, advisors and families have the information needed to fully comply with Title IX regulations.

Resources for Complainants and Respondents

To learn more about your rights, options and protections from retaliation and supportive measures see our Complainants Handbook or our Respondents Handbook.

Has a friend recently notified you that they’ve provided your name as a witness to a Title IX Investigation? Learn more information about next steps here.

Learn more about our Title IX Policy in the link below. 

Title IX Policy

Resources for Advisors

Per SU’s Policy and Procedures for Title IX Sexual Harassment and for Student Community Standards Sexual Misconduct and Gender-Based Violence Policy, all students may be accompanied by an advisor of choice to any meeting or hearing. An advisor of choice may be a friend, family member, lawyer or other individual of a party’s choosing. Additionally, there are professional faculty/staff who receive specific training to best serve in this role. To find out more about our trained pool, contact the Title IX or Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

Since advisors of choice can play a pivotal role, we ask students to think carefully about who can best serve in this role.

Learn more about our Title IX Policy in the link below.

Title IX Policy

Resources for Families

As a parent, family member or support person we cannot imagine what you may be feeling when learning that your student may have been impacted by harm or may have committed harm.

It’s okay if you have a lot more questions than answers and need to take a moment to breathe to decide how to support your student best.

Here are some tips for you as a supporter:

  • You will feel a variety of emotions as a supporter and all of them are valid. You don’t need to apologize for how you are feeling.
  • Understand that we must work directly with your student. Your student will need to provide permission for you to attend meetings and/or be included on emails to the student.
    • Any decisions regarding a Title IX case need to be made by your student.
    • Parents and supporters are expected to follow our Rules of Decorum (as highlighted in our Policy), if a parent is being identified as an advisor of choice.
    • If we feel a student is being unduly influenced, we will ask a parent/supporter to leave a meeting/space.
  • Learn more about our process so that you can best support your student.

Here are some tips that you can share with your student:

  • Reach out to any on-campus or off-campus confidential resources.
  • Encourage your student to jot down any information they might remember about the incident, keep screenshots of text messages, etc. in case they would like to report the incident in the future.
  • Validate their experience.
  • If and when your student is ready, encourage them to report the incident to campus.

Learn more about our Title IX Policy in the link below.

Title IX Policy

Resources While Abroad

Whether you are on campus or abroad, we want you to know that we are here to support you. While Title IX Federal Regulations only permit the University to address situations that occur in the United States, we can still provide resources and support to anyone who has been impacted by sexual misconduct or gender-based violence.

This one-sheeter can provide information before you travel and while on site: Things to Know Before You GO (PDF).

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