Updated May 17, 2022

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The following updates reflect latest guidance from public health experts and are subject to change as the pandemic develops. See the Plan

Fully In-person Semester

Spring 2022 instruction is fully in-person without a remote option. Athletics is maintaining a full intercollegiate schedule.

Medical-grade Masking

Instructors have discretion to require masks in classrooms. Students not fully boosted should wear masks indoors in all situations. Others under isolation/quarantine must follow protocols. Everyone on campus is encouraged to wear a medical-grade or layered cloth mask at events that are open to the public. Susquehanna makes masks available at sanitation stations across campus. Further details are in the Plan. See more

Up to Date Vaccination Requirement

To protect the health and safety of the campus and broader community, Susquehanna University requires students who learn, live or work on campus to be vaccinated for Covid-19 and have submitted proof of a booster within two weeks of eligibility. Students who have tested positive for Covid and are eligible to receive a booster have 90 days from the date of that positive diagnosis to receive their booster. See more


Symptomatic testing for students is required through the Student Health Center. Other testing can be required for students at a higher risk due to their curricular or co-curricular activities. Test kits will be available in the Health Center and Human Resources for anyone interested in testing.  See more

Health & Safety Contacts

Covid-19 Hotline: 570-372-3333
Student Life: vpsl@susqu.edu
Student Health Services: 570-372-4385
Student Covid-19 Testing Questions: covidtesting@susqu.edu

Vaccinated Definitions

Definitions for up to date and fully vaccinated. 

Travel Advisories

Most recent travel advisories for Susquehanna

Communications, Updates and Press Releases

Healthy Commencement

We want you to be able to attend Commencement and be healthy. We also care about the health of your families that will attend.

Revised Masking Protocols

With nearly three weeks of the spring semester complete, we are seeing good success on campus and in the regional community — resulting in a revision to masking protocols next week.

Option Added to Isolate in Room

Susquehanna continues to review and adjust its Covid Plan, always considering expert advice, the current state of affairs and the community’s well-being.

Spring Plan 2022 Adjustments

Since we launched our latest Covid plan on Jan. 6, the CDC has updated definitions and revised some guidelines. The Susquehanna pandemic implementation group continues to meet and adjust our protocols accordingly, keeping the health and safety of our community top of mind.

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