Updated May 2, 2023

Covid-19 Updates

The following updates reflect latest guidance from public health experts. See the Protocols

Fully In-person

University instruction is fully in-person without a remote option. Athletics is maintaining a full intercollegiate schedule.


Instructors have discretion to require masks in classrooms. Anyone can wear a medical-grade or layered cloth mask if it makes them more comfortable. Students under isolation must follow protocols. See more


To protect the health and safety of the campus and broader community, Susquehanna University strongly recommends students, employees and visitors to campus to be up to date with the bivalent Covid-19 vaccine. See more


Symptomatic testing for students is required through the Student Health Center. See more

Health & Safety Contacts

SU Hotline: 570-372-3333
Student Life: vpsl@susqu.edu
Student Health Services: 570-372-4385

Communications, Updates and Press Releases

Preparing for Fall 2022

In preparing for the fall semester, we made adjustments that make things easier while maintaining essential health protocols to minimize Covid on campus. Virus prevention and planning still depends on you.

Healthy Commencement

We want you to be able to attend Commencement and be healthy. We also care about the health of your families that will attend.

Revised Masking Protocols

With nearly three weeks of the spring semester complete, we are seeing good success on campus and in the regional community — resulting in a revision to masking protocols next week.

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