Dear Students,

For everyone's safety, it is important that all students test twice weekly. Our goal is 100% compliance!   

Unfortunately, under our new testing protocol, we only had 80% compliance in the first week due to wintry conditions and minor technology issues. Moving forward through the remaining weeks, we must sustain 100% — the testing process is fast and easy.

When you receive your testing email, you need to register immediately and encourage your friends to do the same. This makes a difference from us going to remote temporarily, as other universities have had to already do this spring, or worst-case scenarios of sending students home for the remainder of the semester. On the positive side, if students collectively comply, we are willing to loosen other campus restrictions. 

All the students who are complying with testing and other COVID protocols outlined in the Spring 2021 Plan are saving our semester on campus. For those who choose not to comply, we have started compliance conferences; we already sent two students home for violating our non-student guest policy.

As a reminder, of special importance: 

  • Non-Susquehanna students are not permitted in any residence halls, townhouses, apartments, suites, and small houses.  
  • Students are permitted to have one student guest in their individual room. Guests must be a resident of that building and all students must wear masks when guests are present in the room. 
  • Susquehanna commuter students and residential students from other buildings may visit first floor lounges and common rooms of buildings, townhouses, apartments, suites, and small houses. All students must wear masks and abide by room capacity numbers. 
  • Students are permitted to leave campus only for essential reasons (such as to visit grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants, as long as healthy behaviors such as wearing masks and maintaining physical distance are practiced).  
  • Residential students leaving campus for essential reasons outside the immediate area are required to register travel outside the immediate area 48 hours in advance. Students are not permitted to visit other college campuses. 

If students are close to 100% compliance for COVID testing next week, do not bring non-student guests to campus, and are following our travel protocols, we plan to announce relaxing our student visitation policy — allowing residential student guests in individual residence hall rooms in buildings other than their own. I will keep you posted on how testing and other protocol adherence goes next week — and if we, therefore, can relax on-campus student visitation restrictions.   

Thank you for wearing your masks, washing your hands, and maintaining physical distancing. 


Vice President for Student Life