Dear Students,

We continue to adjust our academic policy as we navigate our way through the spring semester and the pandemic. Many students have raised concerns about coping with this very stressful time. In response, we will offer a Pass/Fail option for this semester only.

The faculty approved that students may elect to have any or all of their current courses graded on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis, with P being a D- and above. Credit will be earned with a P grade, but not with an F. The faculty approved that a P will count toward major, minor, and/or Central Curriculum requirements. To use this option, students must complete an electronic Pass/Fail form, no later than May 4, the last day of classesThen it will be acknowledged and signed by their advisor, and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students who do not elect the Pass/Fail option will receive regular letter grades.

Things to consider before electing Pass/Fail:

  • Grades of P will not impact a student’s GPA, so they will not count toward graduation honors, thus improving (or reducing) academic standing/athletic eligibility.
  • Dean's List and Class Rank might be affected.
  • Students applying to graduate schools or other organizations should check first if grades of P might affect their candidacy.
  • Grades of P might affect external scholarships – students should check with their funding body.
  • If a student plans to transfer, the P grade does not represent a grade of C-, which is usually considered the minimum acceptable for transfer.

A notation will be listed on the transcript indicating that the Pass/Fail option was implemented for the Spring 2021 semester only.

Please contact your advisor(s) if you have any questions.



Dave Ramsaran
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Sociology