Updated Sept. 1, 2021

Health And Wellness

Are Covid-19 vaccines required?

Susquehanna University will require students who learn, live or work on campus for the fall 2021 term to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 no later than Sept. 13, 2021.

Learn more about the vaccine roll-out and locations to get your vaccine.

All students must submit their Covid immunization record of proof if it is not already on file with the university. If you have been vaccinated, email an image of your completed COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covidtesting@susqu.edu.

What is a student family group?

Your “student family group” includes roommates; suitemates, e.g., West Village, Seibert Hall; or housemates, e.g., University Avenue, Liberty Alley, 18th Street Commons.

What happens when the university discovers that a member of the SU community (or vendor/visitor) has tested positive for Covid-19?

As with any potentially threatening virus, if someone who has been on campus within 14 days, or has been on a recent study abroad trip, tests positive for Covid-19, the university has standard procedures to keep the SU community safe and well.

SU will immediately inform campus community members with possible direct exposure. Concurrently, our responsibility is to protect the identity of the impacted individual(s). Federal privacy laws limit what SU is allowed to disclose; furthermore, it is everyone’s responsibility to respect privacy.

Upon receiving notification of virus confirmations of individual(s) who recently have been on campus, our process includes:

  • Immediately isolate infected individual(s) from the general university population. Impacted individual(s) will be isolated in their family home when safe and possible, or in other university-designated spaces. If a student is isolated on campus, the university will continue to provide food, supplies, medical advice and assessment, and counseling, as well as our caring support.
  • Clean potential contaminated areas with materials designated to eliminate Covid-19, based on standard protocols.
  • Work with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to perform contact tracing for the campus and community, if applicable.

If I think I have the virus, what should I do?

If you think you have been infected by Covid-19, contact the Student Health Center immediately. They will make arrangements for any testing and further medical care. In the meantime, isolate yourself from others and pack 10 days’ worth of clothing and other essentials that you may need in the event that you are confirmed positive and need to be isolated.

I have a chronic medical condition, including an immune deficiency, which places me at high risk. What should I do?

Susquehanna cares about each member of our community. We also understand that individuals have individual needs. The Student Health Center is available to any student who has health concerns or questions at 570-372-4385.

I already had documented Covid-19 in the past. What should I do?

Students who have provided the sufficient documentation for prior Covid-19 infection will be excused from Covid-19 testing and quarantine for the 90 days following the date of initial infection. It is important for the SU Student Health Center to be up-to-date with your medical information. Contact the SU Student Health Center at 570-372-4385 to provide them with this necessary documentation.

For more about health services:

See the Student Health Center
The health center can be reached at 570-372-4385 or healthctrnurse@susqu.edu.

For more about counseling and mental health services:

See Counseling & Psychological Services
Counseling & Psychological Services can be reached at 570-372-4751 or 570-374-9164 (after hours).

SU Facilities and Student Resources


The mailroom offers touchless pick up for letters and packages. See more here.

Questions regarding the mailroom can be directed to 570-372-4231 or via email at studentmail@susqu.edu.

Garrett Sports Complex

Use of the Jacobs Fitness Center requires online registration and is available to students and fully vaccinated employees. In compliance with the masking guidelines on campus, anyone using the fitness facility will be required to wear a mask while working out. See more here.

Student Employment

Students required to isolate or quarantine and have an on-campus job with regular hours may be paid for their regularly scheduled hours. Students must notify their supervisor of the length of their isolation or quarantine and enter their regular schedule on their timesheets. Any questions may be directed to studentemployment@susqu.edu.

Travel And GO (Global Opportunities)

What about GO? – future and current programs?

See Study Abroad FAQs.

What about travel?

It is of utmost importance that all faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for university-related purposes register their travel before their expected departure and update this information as changes occur, before and during travel. Registration is an important step in reducing the risks of traveling abroad and helps keep the university community safe, especially in environments with heightened health risks such as Covid-19.

All domestic and international university-related travel for students, faculty and staff should be registered through the links below.


Contact the Susquehanna Covid-19 Information Center, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, at 570-372-3333.