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October 01, 2010
Vol. 52 No. 4

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Kreamery quenches cravings

Do you scream for ice cream?
The Crusader/Lauren Lamas
DO YOU SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM? - Kate's Kreamery is a downtown ice cream parlor with an old-fashioned feel. It offers Hershey's ice cream, frozen treats and a glance backward in time.
Next time you're in the mood for a guilty pleasure, you can go to Kate's Kreamery for ice cream.

Kate's Kreamery is located inside Sarah-Kate Interiors on South Market Street. The business also houses Kate's Tea Cup, a small restaurant themed around the British tea time tradition.

I went to Kate's Kreamery with a friend a few days ago, while we were in the middle of a stressful study session. It was the perfect opportunity for an indulgence.

I ordered Moose Tracks with peanut butter pieces and my friend ordered mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles.

The ice cream really hit the spot; however, it wasn't anything all that special. It probably would have tasted exactly the same if I had gone to the grocery store and bought a carton of it and mixed in extra peanut butter.

That option probably would have been cheaper, too. The large size I bought was $4.95. I could buy two pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream at Giant for $6. I could also buy it at any time, day or night, as Giant is open 24 hours.

Another complaint I had involved my friend's order. She asked for extra chocolate sprinkles, but the worker only put in one scoop.

I think this may have been because the toppings were in decorative jars that seemed very difficult to scoop from. The woman used a small plastic spoon, and the topping would make a mess on the counter when she reached for a scoop.

One positive thing I can say about Kate's Kreamery is the customer service. Since the Kreamery is attached to the larger store, it took a few minutes for the worker to come over and take our order; however, she was patient while we tried to figure out what we wanted. She was helpful and explained which ingredients were in each flavor and what each of the toppings were.

I also liked the decor of the parlor. It had a cute, old-fashioned ice cream shop feel. There were about five pink and white tables with chairs and the backs of them had wire hearts. Two of the chairs were on a platform near the front window. My friend and I opted to sit there, enjoying the view of downtown Selinsgrove while we finished our ice cream.
Although the ice cream wasn't anything above average, it was still a perfect break for that exhausting mid-afternoon study session, and I urge you to give it a try for yourselves.


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