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February 10, 2012
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Magician brings illusions, enjoyment to Charlie's

Courtesy of Brooke Renna
ABRACADABRA - Magician Norman Ng entertains an audience member during his Tuesday show at Charlie's.
A crowd of students watched Norman Ng perform a series of magic tricks at Charlie's Coffeehouse on Tuesday. His show, "The Norman Magic Experience," consisted of a series of illusions that students said were astounding.
Ng has won numerous magic awards in his nearly twenty years in the industry. He is a highly accredited magician as a member of The Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Association of Performing Arts Presenters.
His enthusiasm and charisma have "been featured in 48 states for more than 500,000 people live." Some of his tricks involved taking a baseball bat to multiple cups that appeared to contain an audience member's cell phone.
After smashing the cups, Ng stunned the crowd by making the cell phone appear from an unopened box of Pringles chips.
Among his other acts, Ng made five hundred dollars appear out of pieces of cut out paper, spelled words out on two seemingly untouched chalkboards, and made a card slide up from behind another card in a drawing on a sheet of paper.
However, this is not the first time that the "Norman Magic Experience" has come to Susquehanna. Last year, the "Norman Magic Experience" captivated another audience in such a way that he was invited back again.
Coordinator of the event, Tim Toth, explained his interest in the "Norman Magic Experience" and his decision to bring him back for another show: "I found out about Norman because he did a show here last year and it was a big success. With the large turnout for his show last year, I decided that it would be a good idea to bring him back to perform again for the students."
Among his reasons for bringing the "Norman Magic Experience" back to Susquehanna were those which most struck the audience Tuesday night: "I found a lot of his acts interesting and thought the students would find them interesting as well. Some of the acts that I thought were good acts included smashing cell phones with baseball bats and making them reappear like new, and making money appear out of thin air."
Students who attended the show said they were far from disappointed as Ng performed his hour long show in Charlie's, taking his audience on a ride through optical illusion and sleight of hand.
His show was recently named "2011's Best Live Novelty Act" by Campus Activities Magazine.
His display allowed the students of Susquehanna to embrace the "creepy" nature of his illusions and to acknowledge that you're never too old for a good magic show.


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