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February 10, 2012
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BSU, comedian offers prejudice-free entertainment

Courtesy of Katie Auchenbach
TRANSPARENT ENTERTAINMENT - Comedian Shaun Jones brings laughter to students courtesy of BSU.
On Thursday, Feb. 9, comedian Shaun Jones came to Susquehanna, courtesy of the Black Student Union (BSU), to demonstrate that comedy has no color.
Sophomore and current president of BSU, Quiera Hall said: "We wanted to bring him here for Black History Month, but why we really wanted him to come was to make it fun and not just educational. Our purpose is to make this an event that no matter who you are, you would want to go and want to come and hang out with us."
The Black Student Union wanted to bring him on campus to promote diversity and as one of their many events for Black History Month.
Shaun Jones has been a comedian for more then 16 years, and he is both a visual and audio artist. He has been on television shows and some movies but it better known with his comedic sets. He is very well known for "Comedy Has No Color," quick wit and fashionable flair.
Jones was born in Newark, New Jersey but then moved to Los Angles for a time but now calls Atlanta, Georgia his home.
Jones tries to use real life experiences to relate to the audience and promote diversity in every single set he has. His set at Susquehanna was no different. He said, "I will make fun of everyone, black, white, whatever. We need to learn how to get along with each other."
Jones interacted with all students by trying to find things that everyone could relate to.
Jones, used majors, sports and even fashion like socks and flip flops to get laughs out of the crowd. "Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and I couldn't stop laughing," Hall said afterwards. He tries to make every set a unique time and not to have every joke written down but to interact with the crowd.
For more events for Black History Month, check out the displays in Mellon lounge. There will be month events and the displays will be changing on a week to week basis until March.
For more information or questions contact the Black Student Movement at or Quiera Hall at
Black Student Union has weekly meetings on Tuesdays. .at 8:00 in the Shear Dining Room 1.


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BSU, comedian offers prejudice-free entertainment



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