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October 01, 2010
Vol. 52 No. 4

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The diary of Beckhusen

Name: Theresa Beckhusen

Craft: Acting

When did you start acting? My mom was always involved in community theater. My first show was the summer when I was seven, I was the balloon girl in the play "Gypsy."

What has been your favorite piece to perform? My favorite piece has been "The Diary of Anne Frank" because it was an opportunity to work with a lot of talented people and to explore that time and world.

What was your most memorable experience when working on "The Diary of Anne Frank?" The whole rehearsal process was memorable because of everything we learned and how close we all got.

If you could design a show for Broadway, what would it be like? It would be something that focuses on the text and the characters and the relationships.

What do you like to do during your spare time? Do I have any? I have a double major, a Spanish minor and I'm in the honors program. And with the theater program, I'm always in rehearsal or working on a script. I'm always juggling class work and theater work.



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