Room & Meal Credits…What You Need to Know

March 21, 2020

Good Afternoon SU Students, 

Yesterday (March 20), Student Financial Services (SFS) posted a credit to your SU student account for any unused room and meal charges associated with the one-week extension of spring break. These credits represent a one-week prorated amount based on your unique room-and-meal charges for the spring semester. Students in residence on campus are not eligible for credit. If you’re a resident assistant, senior community assistant, or ROTC scholarship recipient, you may not receive a credit (or it may be reduced) as your room-and-meal charges are met by SU scholarship funds. 

On Friday, March 27, SFS will post the remaining room-and-meal credits for the remainder of the semester (7 weeks) to eligible SU student accounts. The combined credits from March 20 and March 27 may create a “credit balance” (negative amount) on your student account. 

Credit balances are eligible to be refunded back to students via check or direct deposit, or they can remain on your student account to cover charges for the fall 20 semester. 

If you choose to receive a refund of the credit balance on your student account and your banking information is already on file, follow the steps below to request a refund. See the attached instructions for setting up your direct deposit information via mySU if you have not already provided it to us.

  1. Log in and review your student account through mySU (instructions can be found HERE) on Friday, March 27. If you have a negative total balance; move to step 2.
  2. Email by the close of business (4 p.m.) Monday, March 30 and provide the following information.
    • Name
    • Student ID
    • Amount of the refund request (based on your March 27 student account)

    NOTE: We will continue to process requests after March 30. That is just the date of the first round for processing. Again, keep in mind, you can allow the credit balance to move forward to cover costs associated with the fall 20 semester.

  3. Refund requests made after the close of business (4 p.m.) on Monday, March 30 will be processed the following week.

  4. Please allow one week for the request to process from Susquehanna to your bank account. Timing may vary dependent on your financial institution. If you’re requesting a physical check, timing may vary given checks will be sent via the United States Postal Service.

We appreciate this unique moment in time for each of you and only ask for your understanding as we work through your requests. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

Thank you and take care,

Justin Rummel
Assistant Vice President
Student Financial Services