Apollo's Fire


Tuesday, January 28, 2020


07:30 P.M. - 09:30 P.M.


Degenstein Center Theater

Apollo’s Fire has developed a unique ensemble of crossover artists specializing in early traditional folk repertoire. Performing in a historically informed aesthetic, but with the lively freedom of folk performers, the artists break down barriers between art, music and popular music to revive the crossover spirit of the 17th century—when composers regularly wrote artful variations on street tunes and tavern songs. Sugarloaf Mountain: An Appalachian Gathering explores the communal journey of immigrants from the British Isles.

They faced the choice of a dangerous, unknown life in the wilderness of the New World or seemingly certain poverty and hopelessness of remaining at home. Stories, sorrows and shared laughter are told in the ballads. The ensemble has toured Europe and North America, and has drawn national attention for its creative programming.

Adults, $20; seniors, $15; non-SU students, $5