Twentieth Century Germany: Train Wrecks, Inspiration and Lessons Learned


Thursday, November 01, 2018 - Thursday, November 01, 2018


06:30 P.M. - 07:45 P.M.


West End Library, 45 Ball Park Road, Laurelton, Pa.

David Imhoof, professor of history, will give a talk on 20th century Germany at the West End Library in Laurelton, Pa. Twentieth-century Germany was the epicenter of some of the most important events of the era: two world wars, massive government-led genocide, the fight between democracy and fascism, the Cold War, and more. This presentation will tackle some of the large, burning issues from modern Germany, especially surrounding the Third Reich and Germany's division into two countries after World War II. We will consider what we learn by studying German history from the perspective of average people and how they made sense of this tumultuous era. Register to attend by calling 570-922-4773, visiting the West End library or registering online.