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Indoor Sports Shine in the Busy Field House

A lot is packed into Susquehanna’s 51,000-square-foot James W. Garrett Sports Complex field house: four multisport courts for basketball, tennis and volleyball; indoor team practice space for field sports; and an indoor six-lane, 200-meter track where the women’s and men’s indoor track & field teams train and compete.

As the only school in the Landmark Conference with an indoor track & field facility, Susquehanna hosts all conference indoor track & field championships; it was here in February 2009 that the Susquehanna won its first men’s indoor track & field conference team title. Many other varsity teams also work out in the field house, including the men’s and women’s cross country, outdoor track & field, basketball, lacrosse, tennis and women’s volleyball teams. The baseball and softball teams also lower nets from the ceiling for batting practice.

But you don’t have to be a varsity athlete to enjoy the facilities. The men’s volleyball club team practices and plays in the field house, and intramural athletes, including basketball and volleyball players, compete here. Even cardio kickboxers find space to train here. Otherwise, feel like jogging around the track or shooting some hoops? Have at it.

And regardless of whether you are a varsity, club, intramural or recreational athlete, you can’t help being impressed by the 2001 building. It’s even been featured in an episode of MTV’s MADE reality show. During the day, a floor-to-ceiling wall floods the field house with natural light and provides a view of the adjacent football and track & field stadium. Four championship banners – two for men’s cross country, one for women’s cross country and one for men’s indoor track & field – hang from the rafters, and the open lobby also houses the Susquehanna University Sports Hall of Fame.

So if you’re into sports, you’ll be into – and in – the field house.

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