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Macau 2

Macau market

A produce stand in Coloane.

Macau 3

Temple 1

A Susquehanna group entering a temple in Coloane.

Macau 4

Temple 2

Alex Davis '11 explores inside a temple in Coloane.

Macau 5

Yellow River 1

On the Yellow River in Gansu Province. From left, Amanda Adams '12, Kristen Dumbeck '13, Alex Davis '11, Professor Shari Jacobson, Aaron Abel '11.

Macau 6

Yellow River 2

SU sets sail on the Yellow River!

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At the University of Macau, located 37 miles from Hong Kong, Susquehanna students have the chance to study for a semester. While classes are taught in English, the location is a gateway to Eastern culture.

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