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Graphic Design Competition

Learning to Think Like a Designer

Susquehanna’s graphic design students are turning heads at some of the country’s foremost design competitions. They are consistently winning awards, competing with such big-name schools as Penn State University, University of Maryland and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.

Under the leadership of Mark Fertig, M.F.A., chair of the Department of Art, students regularly submit their best work in the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards, the world’s largest advertising competition; the American Corporate Identity competition, and the annual Real Show, sponsored by the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington.

Year after year, Susquehanna students outshine the competition, both in the number of pieces juried and caliber of the prizes. Our graphic design majors typically walk away with gold or silver medals, in addition to “Best of Show” awards or honorable mentions. They get noticed by the professional design community.

Why is Susquehanna’s upstart program, only in its seventh year, so successful? Students and alumni credit the teaching methods, personal attention and professional design experience of Fertig.

Fertig teaches you how to think like a designer. He believes good graphic design creates visual solutions to communications problems. So, he will show you, the student, how to examine the goals and objectives of each piece. In addition, whether you’re designing an ad, a magazine spread or a business card, you will learn proven, effective approaches that are based on real business scenarios. Our liberal arts emphasis will prepare you to quickly grasp a lot of different subject matters that are relevant to your design work. And with an emphasis on the practical, you will develop an edge not only in design competitions, but ultimately in the job market, where employers are looking for proven skills.


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